Thursday, April 03, 2008

Wiskey Tango Hotel

I'm sick again and Oz is close to being sick...well he had a small temp tonight but no other symptoms. We've both been sneezing and today due to post nasal drip I've been coughing a lot and have throat irritation. Oz seems to have no other symptoms other than a occasional sneeze and this temp tonight. Basically the only thing I noticed he was warm so I took his temp and found it to be a little high. I'm not sure if this is the crazy weather or if the two of us keep giving the same germs back and forth.

I'm not sure how to stop it if we are passing it back and forth to each other. I wash my hands often. I do it after each diaper change, changing his clothes, before handling his food, his bottles etc. I cover my mouth when I cough or look away if my hands are full. I even try to cough into my elbow to try and keep from spreading germs if I can't cover my mouth. So if you have suggestions of something I need to be doing but aren't or something I'm missing on keeping from passing it on let me know.

If this is just the weather, then I guess spring needs to get its act together and allow us keep from re-catching this little irritating cold. Because it seems that if I don't get rid of it right away I get a sinus infection and I'm trying desperately to keep Oz from getting his second ear infection.


Aaron said...


My flex dollars were used up in January!

K and J said...

Hang tough and my only consolation to you is that if Oz gets sick some now, then he won't get as sick as often once he graduates to school where the big boy germs are. :)

Household6 said...

I ended up being forced by my co workers to the doc on Friday. I have another sinus infection. I'm being do dilligent about not coughing on him, kissing him, breathing on him etc. I wash my hands everytime I blow my nose! I'm trying desperately to keep him from getting my cooties. I also washed his humidifier with bleach water every 3 days now.