Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Felt your age?

Last night I truly felt my age. I was sick over St Patty's day with a sinus infection and um last Friday I went back to the doc to find out I had another one. I probably didn't kick the first one, so I got a more serious antibiotic this time round.

So I'm nursing a sinus infection, have the runs thanks to antibiotics, girl issues thanks to the antibiotics and ended up being unable to sleep for 3 hours because I got a back spasm after sitting funny on the couch where even a left over Loratab wouldn't work.

*giggle* I feel old *giggle*


Aaron said...

That's why you have a baby. Talk to him in gibberish for a while and you'll feel young again.

A Soldier's Wife..... said...

I'm sorry you have it "all" going on at the same time....you will feel young again once you feel better...but right now I'm feeling your pain....try two back surgeries and now I have nerve issues in my leg from it....40 SUCKS....but I know I just need time and therapy and I will heal, and so will you...I hope you feel better soon.