Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Bad mommy, bad bad mommy

Oz continues to advance developmentally which is great. He's now pulling himself up on EVERYTHING. This of course includes the inside of the crib. Today I came to get him and found him leaning over the crib with his arms up on the lip and was just a grinnin' at me so blasted proud of himself.

So when we got home tonight I fed him dinner and we went up stairs to lower the mattress. It required tools so I had to confine him in his exersaucer while I ran into the garage. Back up stairs we went and the fun begins. I had a nice series of toys for him but of course curious george wants to help. I pull out the mattress, take off the bed skirt and tip the crib on its side. The entire time I am unscrewing wingnuts and and pulling out bolts Oz is crawling all over my legs and pulling himself up my back using my pants, shirt and buttcrack. I last with that for about 5 minutes at a time before I put him back at his toys and tell him to be careful. We are going on now with this back and forth crap for about 30 minutes with him starting to get irritated and of course extremely tired.

Again, I move him away from the crib and put the crib back down in the normal position. Oz is now sitting in the middle of the room, totally pissed off and is just crying crocodile tears. I pick him up snuggle him a bit and then place him back down. I pick up the bed skirt and start to tuck it in. Just as I get to the backside of the crib the skirt moves a good 6 inches - because Oz has reached up snagged it and shoved it in his mouth. So I have to pull it back into place and do the fastest tuck in possible before he can get a hold of it again. I throw the mattress back in and grab the bumper. Now Oz wants me to just pick him up and hold him (because he's tired and its past his bedtime). I can't do that yet because I have to tie the dang bumper back on. Oz starts crawling around the crib following me, crying crocodile tears again while I tie the bumper back on, still attempting to crawl up my back using my buttcrack as a foothold.

Finally I have the crib back together put Oz in it and push it back into place. He's looking around his new lower digs and goes for the aquarium thing. Instead of just sitting up and pressing the button he grabs the top of it and pulls himself up to his knees and then lets go. Of course he fell backwards onto the mattress. That look on his face made me feel bad for him. He was so freaked out, he cried for a second until I told him "you aren't hurt it just scared you." Then I reached out and pat his leg and he stopped his tears.

I put his PJs on and take him down stairs for a bottle. Its almost and hour past his bedtime and he's so tired, really irritated and ready for meemees. I feed the little man, wrapped him up in his little burrito and plopped his adorable little butt into the crib. He fell asleep almost instantly, especially since we had snuggled in the glider just before putting him down.

You have no idea just how tired I am from doing that one chore with this little man chasing me about. I have total respect for single parents who deal with what I just dealt with on a daily basis. Now I need a nap before his dreamfeed and my bedtime.


A Soldier's Wife..... said...

Gosh, it really sounds like such an ordeal.....I'm sorry for both of you.....taking care of one's children alone is hard, I feel for you, I really do......but your retelling brought back memories of my son (now 9) and the first night he used a toy to scale the crib and escape, about scared me to death.....and then because I was so scared he he just picks up and runs off.....I miss my baby....they do grow up so fast.

{{{HUGS}}} to both you and OZ....

There will be better days ahead.


Butterfly Wife said...

Sounds exhausting! Next time I take a nap, part of it is for you. ;-)

Take care.

Household6 said...

ASW - I was only alone for a while DH was gone somewhere. I honestly found it although exhausting rather humorous. A 10 minute chore took an hour because I was trying to keep him from getting hurt and happy. I truly give kudos to single parents because they deal with that kind of stuff every day often without respite.

So thank you for the kind thoughts, it still was a pretty good day just tiring, very tiring. *giggle*