Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Will you just...


My job is human resources.

Your job is administration.

You think you are a research genius and pull halfbaked, totally WRONG CRAP from the dredges of Google. Witholding information is your favourite pastime as well as cc'ing God and Country on your emails. Do I really care if you cc'd the Deputy Commander? Ohhh shake in my boots he's an LTC. SFW? You waste his time with piddlely-shit emails of crap you are supposed to be resolving on your own (with me your servicing Advisor). What effin' ever.

You want to play pissing contest? Be my guest, but you do it alone. I don't have time as I am trying to recruit for your damn vacancies. But pissing in cherrios is what you focus on, to hell with the applicants and employees you hurt/hinder in the process.

Please just shut the eff up and colour, let me do my job. I'm sure your Deputy Commander will be quite happy at the job I could do if you weren't standing there trying to trip me as I walk by.

Better yet please go to hell in your own damn basket because I've had just about enough of you.


K and J said...

That is why i love you. Now which DC am I sending crayons to?

Aaron said...

New job not going so well?

CaliValleyGirl said...

Great rant...but what's with the British spelling?