Friday, December 21, 2007


Sweet Potatoes are orange! Oz has successfully eaten 2 jars of sweet potatoes over the last 4 days. I think one jar is like a full meal but I've fed half as a way to introduce to Oz that some things taste MUCH better than nasty old rice cereal. He likes it and will open his mouth and lean towards the spoon. So sweet potatoes are a hit! I'm sticking with the sweetpotatoes for 2 weeks and will then try squash next. It's so cute watching him eat. And yes I have pictures that I need to upload.

CVG - I've always spelt colour, favourite, flavour and theatre that way since I was a kid. I probably read the spelling in a book I was reading and adopted it. I don't even know I'm doing it until someone points it out.


Heidi said...

Be careful or Oz will turn orange! My boy had an orange nose because he loved them so much too. I bet he will love squash too.

keri said...

I used to mix the veggies w/some rice cereal (cereal was prepared like normal) but when I'd feed them, I'd give 1/2 a spoon of veggie & half spoon of cereal. They liked that.

ALso, my girls hated rice cereal, but LOVED the oatmeal version. Maybe Oz would like that?

Merry Christmas to you!

liberal army wife said...

doesn't EVERYONE spell it that way? Went to school in England - so that's why I do it.. but I have to remember when writing memos etc at work, they don't DO that here.