Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Busy Bee

In true blogger fashion I lost my post....grrrr

I've been slacking on blogging but would much rather spend the time with Oz and then after he's in bed frantically clean something so that the house isn't constantly dirty.

Another deployment is coming and we are preparing. We've been updating our life insurance, IRA payouts, wills and spoke to my brother about becoming Oz's guardiand should anything ever happen. I know it sounds a little morbid, but you have to look ahead and take of your child. I'd hate to leave it all up to some frickin' probate court on the welfare of a minor child - MY minor child to boot.

On to lighter topics - I am truly amazed at the seemingly overnight changes Oz has made. He's went from the quiet, observer to the squaking, grab, yank and shove in his mouth anything that croses his path do-er. He even tells you off after staring at his bottle in the bottle warmer if you aren't moving fast enough according to him. He grabs toys now, swtiches hands, shoves them in his mouth and purposely drops them on the floor for you to go and get them.

We tried some rice cereal a couple of weeks ago because he seems to always be so hungry but it didn't go so well. The first try we waited until he was too hungry and got a very angry baby who wanted his frickin' bottle not some damnable spoon! The second try proved he wasn't ready because his tongue thrust was too strong. So we waited a couple of weeks and tried again last weekend. It went much better, but I don't think he likes rice cereal unless its spiked in his bottle. He'd take the spoon in his mouth and as the cereal hit his tongue he made this quasi cry face but would smile instantly if I smiled. I'm thinking either he hated the taste or the texture. So since he's lost the tongue thrust we will move on to sweet potatoes and see which it was (taste or texture).

Yesterday was his first day in an exersaucer at Barb's. He loved it. I got there and he looked up at me, smiled and then spun around to another portion of the toy and started pushing buttons. Grandma and Grandpa have a similar exersaucer on the way as a Christmas gift. We really didn't get too much since he has a decent amount of toys already.

We think since he's just starting to get into toys that what we got was plenty and have decided to spend a little extra cash on two Angel Tree Kids on post. We've always gotten a boy and a girl and just enjoy knowing that someone in the military community is getting a little something when we've got the means to give.

So there's an update and its not just pictures. Hopefully I can post a little more regularly, I'll try my best.


K and J said...

Motherhood will do that to you. You just don't find time for stuff and then you realize none of that is important anyway. What is important is spending time with Oz and hubby. Merry Christmas friend.

Heidi said...

I can't believe Oz is getting so big and adorable too!

And you can NEVER be too prepared for the 'what if' . . . you are smart and if you are prepared you won't need it, right?