Sunday, August 26, 2007


Looks like Oz and I will be trekking back to the doctor on Monday (If I call early enough). I wanted to give it a week on the new formula/breast milk mix and see what improvements or lack there of happen.

He's not spitting up as much, but he is sleeping horribly and after about 20 minutes after eating he's arching his back and hollering out in pain. We still keep him upright for that 30-45 minutes after eating but sometimes he wakes himself up writhing around, hollering as well. He burps like a champ, 3 or 4 burps after food. Also the pain events are usually followed by some farting. He hasn't actually pooped since last Thursday and then it was only once that day.

I hope that I get a doc that will give meds a try. I look at it as give him a 30 day supply. Improvements based on meds should show anywhere from 2-14 days. The 30 day supply would take us to his 2 month well baby. If the meds don't show improvement then something else is wrong and we need to come back anyways to have them start looking at other things. So at least give me the 30 day supply to try and see if it helps.

So wish me luck that we get an appointment AND that a doc will be willing to try meds to help out the little man. (And help mommy because she isn't sleeping either and is starting to think she is the Lizard Queen.)


K and J said...

Well HH6, if it makes you feel any better, all new moms feel that way, the no sleep thing. I am sorry this is going so badly for Oz. The good thing is that he won't remember any of it. You are doing all the right things, and being proactive is at the top of the list. Remember too not to let it stress you out too badly as that will affect milk supply (for however much longer you keep pumping)

It is okay to take a break and let your husband take a shift and get some sleep. Missing one pump session won't kill you.

Angel said...

i know i posted this in another post but try the progestimil formula, it's already digested. that's what we had to put my oldest on because she was doing the same thing.

Linda said...

try soy formula (use concentrated liquid, it digests better), and try gripewater, works