Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Baby Humor

I'm exhausted, Ed's not really improving all that much after changing what the NP asked me to. I know it's only been 2 days but I'd like my child to not cry out and flail about 30 minutes after eating.

So I thought I'd share some baby humor -

- Number of times I've fallen asleep with the baby in my lap - Countless
- I can finally see my toes and have no more Cankles
- I finally shaved my legs in over a month
- Number of times Oz has managed to pee on the wall - 3
- Number of times Oz has managed to pee on me - 2
- Number of times Oz has projectile vomited on me at 3 am - 2
- Number of times I've checked the car carrier to make sure I didn't forget him where I was - 5
- Number of times I've lost a sock and find that I'm sitting on it - too many
- Number of days until Oz is One Month Old - 1


Aaron said...

Hang in there! Things will start to slow down in about two months.

Heidi said...

Funny! See time really does fly by and they grow so fast. Seems like yesterday my baby was born and he will be four this year, yikes! Hang in there!

K and J said...

Number of hugs that you will get as Oz grows up- countless
Number of days that you will wish you could go back to when he was a tiny baby - countless
Number of days when you would give it all up - ZERO

Hang tough friend. The rewards outweigh the peeing on you and the wall. Believe me. (and I have been puked on, bled on, etc... )