Tuesday, August 21, 2007

HA - HA! (Ala Nelson style)

Dear Advice Nurse,


My son has reflux, the advice nurse told me last Thursday it was just colic, I was a first time mom and implied that I was being a spaz. Sadly it took at one of the largest Army installations 4 days to finally get a doctor's appointment, but the NP confirmed it was reflux.

Our daytime routine is perfect according to her. He sleeps in a bouncey seat or his car seat. We burp often, I mean a ton! Just his night routine needs an adjustment - no more sleeping flat in his crib for now. We need to put him to bed in his car seat as well - it can go into his room but to keep him sleeping upright for about a month or so. Feed a little less at night so he's not overful and more in likely to cause a backflow of his food into his esophogous. We are also to buy a wedge to put in his crib and elevate his side so he sleeps on his side.

Also since I am still struggling with milk production, they said if I have to give formula to use something different than what we currently are using. So we were given Similac the upset tummy kind to use instead.

So I even in my punch drunk state still recognized that my little boy has what I have - reflux. Reflux in babies is something they will grow out of BUT modifications in feedings and sometimes medication is required to keep acid damage at a minmum.

So that Advice Nurse can BITE MY SHINEY METAL ASS!


Butterfly Wife said...

Well you got a diagnosis and a plan. Hopefully, you will be able to get the nighttime schedule down. Best wishes to you.

Linda said...

we did the bouncy seat for about 6 weeks for my daughter, who had to be given Reglan for the reflux - so if you're controlling it without pharmaceutical intervention, that is GREAT!

As for your milk production...you can try Fenugreek capsules (found at most health food stores and GNC). I found that it worked well to increase my milk production. It has one side effect: Because it is made from something they use to flavor "maple syrup" (the artificial stuff), you tend to start smelling like syrup...not a bad thing, but it sure does make you crave pancakes and waffles all the time!!!

Or, you can try red raspberry leaf tea (health food stores have it...don't know where else). This you have a few times a day. You can sweeten it as you wish, and put milk if you want. It's not bad, and neither of the two things I've recommended will cause problems with your son.

Tracy said...

My youngest had reflux. He had different issues though~projectile spit up anyone?

Go with your gut, we moms do have some intuition when it comes to our kids!!

K and J said...


Agree with Linda, fenugreek is good stuff. I did the tea. Tasted AWFUL! Capsuls are better. Good gut. Moms do know best. :)

Good on you for pushing for an appointment.


Mama Luxe said...

I had a month long struggle and many tears convincing them my baby had reflux! She was gaining so they really fought me on it. Then I finally got an appointment with a doctor I had been trying to see. We discuss the many, MANY things I tried and she said that would have been all her suggestions so she gave us Zantac. Boom. 24 hours later baby was so much more comfortable!

Question--I missed the supply issues...what's going on there?

Angel said...

My daughter was the same way...on top of which she is lactose intolerant, the solution...progestamil (spelling)..basically boils down to already digested milk...doesn't that just sound yummy!! ick! but it worked.