Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Shelving & Whoopi

Sounds good doesn't it? Actually souns a little acrobatic...

I heard a loud thud today. The baby bathtub often falls down in the front bath so I ignored it. The hubby comes home, goes upstairs and I hear "Waa wa wa wa wa." So I wander upstairs to see what he said and find that half the shelving in my closet has been pulled out of the wall and is on the floor. The builder of this fine 2 year old home didn't bother to install the closet stuff into the studs and didn't bother to use molly bolts either. So umm being that I am a clothes horse, its no wonder it came out of the wall and I am surprised it didn't happen sooner.

I really really need to call the last place I was given to find out who made our fricking paint. The builder doesn't have record of it anymore and I've tried two of the three major paint companies in town already. Otherwise I get to get something close and while the Hubby is deployed paint one wall at a time.

As for Whoopi well FINALLY I get to watch the View again! Whoopi will be replacing that Cow. Thank heavens too! I mean Whoopi is very liberal which is cool, she can taunt Elizabeth but she's also really good at working on drawing out the actual point of Elizabeth or Joy. Sometimes they babble inchorently where Whoopi sums up their babble into two sentences.

Yeah! Can't wait for the season to start!!!

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K and J said...

Sounds like your life is calming down to the REALLY exciting stuff. :)