Saturday, September 01, 2007

Two steps forward....

One step back. I really wish Oz could talk. Its not that I want him to grow up right now (sleeping through the night would be cool), but be able to better tell me what's going on. I really hate the "lets see what happens" game we play with the docs and Oz. In fact its driving me nuts.

So we switched his formula to the one with the added rice starch to reduce his spit ups and projectile vomiting. Then we added his reflux meds to stop him from writhing around in pain after eating. For a week things looked pretty darn good. Oz had stopped throwing/spitting up but for maybe once a day if at all. He also stopped writhing and crying out after eating.

The only thing I noticed was that his number of dirty diaper slowed down. I figured the all formula bottles bound him up a little but wasn't worried. He pooped on Thursday, it was the right colour but kinda like face cream. Still no worries, but then yesterday he stopped eating, screamed and then started eating again. I smelled poop and finished feeding him. When I changed him the stuff was the same as playdough, but had a little blood in it.

So guess what? Oz is constipated and has a hemorrhoid. I called in a consult since the clinic had limited services on a Training Holiday. I knew this wasn't an emergency room visit, but wanted an idea about how much water I should give Oz to help out with the constipation. If it doesn't calm down over the weekend the doc wants me to come in and we will probably end up changing his formula again. I hate the changing formula thing a million times over but the boy can't go around unable to drop the kids off at the pool either.

So its two steps forward one step back. Poor kid, 5 weeks old and mom gave him hemorrhoids.


Aaron said...

I could be a pediatrician for babies under 6 months.

"Oh, you have a problem? Here's some new formula. Don't give him anything else. It's not safe."

Household6 said...

Are you being a smart arse and I am missing it?

The water was the doc's idea over the phone, 1/2 an ounce about an hour after each bottle. I know you can get water poisoning if you have too much water so I am not going beyond what the doc said for additional water.

But I'm a little braindead and can't tell if you are being a smarty pants or not??