Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Hip U/S

Oz had his hip U/S this morning. I guess this is a mandatory Army or medical deal for all breech babies. Apparently there are higher cases of hip displaysia in breech babies than normal presentation. We arrived 35 minutues early because I was afraid I'd be late getting on post. The staff there are real dolls and took him early. He was a good boy too and only complained once. The tech took a few pictures of one hip more than the other but as always they can't say anything. So I will wait to hear from a doc or will find out what's up at his well baby appt.

Oh and its neat to see another body part. I've seen so many U/S of ovaries, the uterus and the baby that it was neat to see a totally different body part. Pretty cool!

Oh and on some of the suggestions - I have them written down, but I want to try or eliminate one thing at a time and give it a chance to make a difference. If we do all of it at once I won't know if its the Gripe Water, the Meds, or Oz just growing out of it. So thanks for the info and thankfully by blog can't forget for whent I do.


Anonymous said...

Hi - I hope his u/s went ok. My first daughter had hip dysplasia and she wasnt breech, so if you have any questions, email me. (I think I left my email in another comment once but if not, kbriemer@hotmail.com

PS - As an FYI, the main factors are 1) Breech 2) first birth 2) Girl. So Oz had 2 of the 3. My second daughter was breech & she was checked twice but didnt have it. Good that they are checking

rose_michelle said...

I wouldn't worry. My aunt is a radiologist and she said that sometimes, especially in children they have to take more picks because of the position they are in. A position on one side may be comfortable but not so much on the other and the smallest thing could make the U/S "off" a little compared to the other. Keep us informed of Oz's progress.

Linda said...

hmmmm...that must be a new policy. My daughter was breech and she never had an ultrasound. The doctor did the good old-fashioned hip rotations with her, declared her normal and off we went.

I'm hoping everything is okay with OZ, and that his hips are fine, and that he starts feeling better with his meds.