Saturday, August 04, 2007

Future Frat Boy

Poor Oz. After two days, two great days where he slept either in a pack n play or his crib (last night) he is having a crapper day today. We even went for a walk with the doggie last evening (I can only walk about 6 houses but its better than nothing right now).

I feel sooooooo bad for him. He's having a gassy tummy today. His poopies and farts smell worse than a frat boy's after a night of drinking and Taco Bell. Its obvious he's not happy while passing this stuff, he makes the sadest faces. I wish I could pass the gas for him but I can't.

We are working on feeding him in more of a sitting up position. Also making sure I stay away from too much dairy, garlic and spicey foods. The only one I remember eating the last two days was some asago cheese. It may have given him the upset tummy. We are burping him as much as possible and even stopping mid feeding to burp and go back to feeding.

I've checked in with two friends that are lactation consultants to see what else I could do to help out Oz and his tummy. Hopefully this will pass by the end of the weekend. If it doesn't then I will need to call the doc and have them check for Reflux or see if I am allowed to give him those gas drops yet (The medical staff told me not to give any OTC meds to Oz before his first check up). I understand why too, they don't want the meds to mask any serious medical issues.

So my poor little man has had very little sleep and must be totally exhausted. This is definately a day where if I sleep on the couch so he's comfy then my swollen feeties be damned. I just want the little man to feel better.

Доброй ночи!


K and J said...

So did it get any better? Nice Russian comments by the way. ;)

Aaron said...

We gave Cole Mylicon drops (check my spelling on that) before his first appointment. No harm, no foul.

If Oz is really that miserable, don't feel bad about giving him the drops. They worked wonders for us, and they're supposed to be really safe.

The way I see it: there will be plenty of times in his life when you actually do have to sit helplessly by. Why start now?

Household6 said...

We broke down and gave him the drops. Over the course of the night I think we gave him 4 doses out of the 12 possible. I didn't want to over do it, since he's still young.

I haven't been to bed yet. His poops are finally back to their nomral colour and consistency but his sleeping is really bad. He just doesn't want to sleep again unless he's on top of you. We have been able to put him in his bouncey chair this afternoon which is good because he really wasn't getting a solid sleep even sleeping on us. I am finally seeing the second sleep stage, the deep sleep they are supposed to have. So hopefully what ever I ate or how ever is gone from my breast milk.

I still feel sorry for him. He can't eat an entire roll of Tums or something like we could.

Anonymous said...

I hope Oz is feeling better. Its so hard, I think to figure out what you can eat that bothers them. My daughter was very sensitive to broccili and any kind of alcohol. Not that I was throwing them back, but I couldnt even have a sip of wine or beer w/o her feeling terrible. Hope you both got a few winks.


ABW said...

Hang in there. I just lived through this...or still am, lol. He's 13 months and still doesn't sleep through the night and passes gas like he's in the Army.

Aaron said...

He can't eat an entire roll of Tums or something like we could.

No kidding. If he does have reflux, they'll give you plain-old Zantac for it, though. It'll be a much smaller dose and you'll probably wonder why you're paying three times as much for it. :)

Tracy said...

I remember those days. My firstborn was a very fussy baby (until about 6 weeks old then he was a totally different baby). It was trial and error figuring out what upset his tummy. We finally figured out I couldn't eat broccoli, cucumbers, or onions. Yeah, the kid still hates vegetables! LOL

My secondborn? I could eat ANYTHING and he didn't flinch. Spicy Mexican? bring it on, he said!

They are all different and it's just a matter of figuring it out!

You are doing a great job!