Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Went in for my weekly OB appointment and was delivered som crappy news. Oz has decided he wants to enter this world ASS FIRST! Yes, boys and girls the boy is breech. Granted this is my 36th week and there is a chance that he will turn, but not the biggest chance in the world.

The midwife and I talked a bit about the options available. The hubby and I are looking at version but there will be some factors the docs need to tell us in order to see if it actually can be done. They have to check out how big he is, how much amniotic fluid is in there and since I have a fibroid they will probably try and see if they can see it. That's where the real issue is, he may be stuck, on that fibroid and unable to turn. The midwife did push c-section a little bit more than I was comfortable with, but I get from talking to her that it was more like the party line than what she would do.

So we had to set up a plan to bring to the doc I see next week:

1. I've been putting an icepack on his head to get him to try and move some what towards the correct direction. (He bats at the ice pack and moved a little but moves back in my sleep - this is the first try though)

2. If by the 38th week he's still breech, we want to try version.

3. We schedule a c-section ahead of time because it can always be cancelled.

4. We hope he turns still and they let me try and labor even as a breech as long as it is the right kind of breech for a vaginal delivery.

In the event he can't be turned, I really want to know if they have the experience to deal with a breech vaginal birth. It is possible, but the labor is hard and there is still a chance no matter what that we could face a c-section. I just don't want a c-section, especially not in a military hospital. And especially since the last time I had a major surgery in a military hospital me and 15 other patients apparently (I was told so noncholantly like it was so normal) got a bad batch of internal sutures. I ended up with spitting sutures, cutting my own foot open to get them out daily, some sutures are still stuck in there and a hell of a lot of scar tissue that now needs to be removed once I have time.

Scold little Oz for me, maybe guilting him into turning will work and of course pray or happy karmic thoughts are welcome.


Butterfly Wife said...

Little Oz - stop being so difficult on your mother. She's the only one you got.

Household6 - "bad sutures"? I take it the hospital didn't offer up to "fix" the problem. I was a medical malpractice defense attorney for several years. Obviously, I do not know any more details of your situation, but you might want to consider talking to an attorney about that. Feel free to email me if you want to discuss further. AT

K and J said...

Hello Buddy. Oz, your mother is stronger than you think but don't start testing your boundaries just yet man. Keep us posted. You have my digits woman. And I am here if you have any questions about the stuff you know I know about.

Household6 said...

K - um unplugging the phone kinda ummm killed the phone numbers. I will need it again - shoot me an email.

Butterfly - the basic issue was that they had several patients (15) come back to the hospital with sutures not dissolving like they should have. The infection came from the fact that I was told to wear a sillicone patch to reduce scar tissue, but it was still an open wound and it became infected. It didn't look like an open wound to me but the back up doc in podiatry clinic nearly beat me for not realizing it was. To help get the rest of the sutures out they gave me a scalpel, had me cut the scab open each day and massage the wound. I got 3 or 4 pretty good sized sutures out of my foot. All that trama to the foot led to more scar tissue than normal.

I have no interest in sueing over it. But I have a good story about how the anethesiologist woke me up to early and freaked out my doc. I started talking to him, asking questions about the turniquit on my leg and telling him I could feel the tugging each time he pulled a stitch through. The man turned white, kept talking to me and then I went back out (someone upped the happy juice).

So yeah I guess I could sue but there is no permanent damage and the scar tissue is more of an inconvienence than painful. It along with 5 other problems I've had with military medical care makes me leary of major surgeries.

Army Wife said...

uh...I had to ass first babies...

both turned, but I had to crawl around on my hands and knees to facilitate it...

MQ said...

My son was breached at 38 weeks too, he had turned by the time I went in for delivery - it could happen!