Thursday, July 05, 2007

Hello? Is it me you're looking for?

We are moved, mostly unpacked and falling into a routine. Someone said I was long winded once so I will try and make this short....

The movers were typical and it was a typical move. They scratched and nicked just about every piece of wooden furniture we own. Someone did walk off with our Indian carpet runner which sucks. I called asking the storage folks to look for it. They made a "look," and said they couldn't find it. I called back to verify if they found it, found out they hadn't and advised them that I would be making a claim as it was a $500+ carpet. You should have heard the lady choke on her own spit! Uh-duh lady this ain't no Walmart carpet - we got it in Germany in a oriental carpet shop. It will probably end up another 2K worth of replacement and repairs but that seems to be the standard for every move we've ever had. Oh and they tore up our walls pretty good and we are having a bitch of a time trying to find matching paint. We even got inventive and went into the closet, cut our an inch by inch square of the top layer of sheetrock for a paint match - Home depot didn't do a very good job matching, I am totally surprised. So we will keep trying with our scuffed walls.

Baby Oz's stuff is coming along. We ordered his crib, rocker and ottoman. the crib is here and the rocker and ottoman will take a few weeks. We went out last weekend and bought everything else we needed to get to outfit the kid. Mostly goofy crap like baby wipes, a pack of newborn nappies, a few extra onsies in the 0-3 month size etc. We also purchased his bedroom theme set. So I have all the clothes on the floor set out to go through their Dreft run to be baby ready.

I hate this hospital already, and I had good hopes being that it is a very "hooah" unit that'd they have hooah care. I called last Thursday to find out when I could get an appointment. I was told they only do new OB patients Tu & Th and you show up at 0730. I patiently explained my age, that I'm 35 weeks and hadn't been seen for 3 weeks and was there something to be done. After running around in a circle for 5 minutes I tartly told her that I don't think her office really wants to help their patients. Yeah I was being a smart ass, but apparently there are no exceptions. After getting a snotty response from my snotty question I asked to go off post. I was given the head nurses number, called her and left a message with my phone number.

Okay now this Cpt must have graduated cum laude because apparently she can dial my husband's cel phone but not mine. According to her it doesn't work, but the damn number is EXACTLY the same number except for the last 4 digits. I even told her via several messages to not call the husband since he's in a classified building and his cel phone is not only off but the battery must be kept seperate from the phone. Whatever she can bite me...

On Tues I show up at 0710 run into the super bitch of an office assistant, she checks me in and is rude to me. I never gave my name to her so she couldn't have been rude because she knew me she's just rude. A group of us get pulled back at 0750 only to sit in another set of chairs. At 0900 they start taking us back one by one to get our OB's and the like. Keep in mind, I have NOT PEED since 0645 when I left the house because they always want a sample and didn't want to screw that one up. Another lady and I start talking to find out we are both 36 weeks and neither one of us have peed are are pissed off that they haven't even told us if we will see an OB today or not.

I finally get called back at 0940. Being pissed, actually seething would be a good word the tears start. When I get angry I cry, that's just how I roll. I explain that and just ask the triage nurse to make sure she can understand me. I go off on being told "too bad so sad" by the front desk and the stupid nurse who's to frickin' retarded to make phone calls, I haven't been seen for a month and damn it I've GOT to pee. They let me pee and set me up to see someone that afternoon. I'm not high risk enough go get sent off post - apparently I am screwed.

They apologize for the care, me being upset etc and I get my packet to see that I will probably not see the same OB and I only get to deal with the oncall doc the day I give birth. I also asked about birth plans, if they are accepted - but they don't know. Later that day I sign in for my afternoon appointment with a midwife to make sure Oz is okay and that stupid rude bitch of an office assistant decides to talk about me while I sit there. She didn't name me by name but she was talking about my situation and not in a positive manner. She even went off on how I was a so and so's wife like my husband's rank has anything to do with it? Come on they need to provide an exception to people as late in their pregnancy as I am. Shit they have walk in hours, I could have came in last Friday!

So I need to back to the hospital and talk to the patient rep or this Cpt brainiac in the hopes that they seriously consider allowing the front desk to make exceptions for women in their 35th week or greater. Oh and like I feared I don't see the same OB or midwife the last four weeks. In fact my assigned OB is on vacation for two of the four weeks. I get to see him in my 40th week have I not given birth already. What's even a little crazy is asking the midwife - who delivers babies people he believes they accept birth plans but didn't seem 100% sure of himself. So I will need to be an extremely vigilant patient during birth I guess.

So that's us in a nutshell. Not sure if that's short enough but that's what ya get.


K and J said...

OHMIGOSH! Man, oh man, yes be careful, have hubby be careful too! UGH. Why do they have to be that way. I don't get it. COMMON SENSE IS NOT COMMON! Keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you and Oz!

Robin said...

Ugh ugh ugh.

I moved late in my first pregnancy, too. And had to wait quite a while to be seen the first time. Then they didn't agree with my due date. Blech!

I agree...they need to make exceptions for those so far along in their pregnancy, knowing they're supposed to be seen on a weekly basis. I was thinking about you earlier today, wondering how you were doing with the move and everything. Good to hear from you, and I wish you the best in the next few weeks!

Butterfly Wife said...

I am so glad to see that you are moved in and still in one piece. Have fun with the folks at the hospital. Sounds like an oh-so joyous time. Not. Good luck to you.

And it was a goodly length.

Bette said...

Good to know that you've landed safely! I'm sorry about the hospital runaround -- exactly NOT what you need right now. It sounds like that situation can only get better, though....

Army Wife said...


glad to see you are not having the baby in the car, or hotel!

I was getting worried, not long now!!