Sunday, October 29, 2006

It's never to early...

to start shopping for Christmas. And it's never to early to send goodies down range. Please check out Soldier's Angels current info on sending goodies to the guys & dolls in the sandbox for Christmas or Hannukah.

"Holidays for Heroes

"We will strive to make sure that every soldier deployed in a combat area receives a gift bag stuffed with small but welcome items and a card with Holiday greetings."
The bags will contain a coffee mug (With SA logo and name on it!), hot chocolate and cider mix, candy, an AT&T calling card (at least a 250 min) and a pair of socks.

How can you help?
You could help us get some of these items?
You could help raise funds to help with the postage costs?
Offer a challenge within your work group, club, church, etc. to who can get the most

calling cards?

Do a bake sale or home made items sale for help funding some holiday bags.

Do you have a LARGE group of people in your church, club or at work that would be able to assemble and pack 200 or more xmas bags ? We would send you the mugs and you would get the other items in the bag. You can mail direct to heroes

Remember postage.

There is a flyer in the documents section you can use to take to a group, party etc., and ask them to buy one or TEN of the holiday bags!

YOU can help us get these flyers out in to public's hands.

Email if you can help!!!!!

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