Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Not a Soldier but not a civilian

MQ over at Wordwell has a great post about the transition they are going through from demob'ing back to a reserve unit.

"We are a reserve family. I feel that now more than ever. At an FRG roundtable today, I felt almost like an intruder. All our soldiers are home, most are back to work. Of course I know that life is not normal for all of them. If our family's experience is anything like theirs, it is a daily battle to keep “Iraq” at bay in our minds and our hearts. Post traumatic stress is a very real thing. We say it so much sometimes I think it loses it's impact. "

Go read the rest of her post... she's got my sense of humor...

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Anonymous said...

PTSD is such a real thing and you know I have always felt a bit MORE sympathy for the reservists then for our everyday guys because we are expecting it. We know it will happen and when they are home we are still submerged in the military life. Those families are not. But thank you to everyone who serves our country. Without you, who knows where we would be.