Thursday, March 02, 2006

Shoveling in a winter wonderland

Well good news, the USA Men's footie team beat Poland last night 1-0. The bad news was not only did they play in near whiteout conditions but I got to shovel about 4 inches of powder this morning before going to work. Of course the KMC was in road conditions Red but my work was not. I had to drive to work anyways - yeah me!

I will be happy when the spouse can help me shovel snow, throwing snowballs into the street instead of at his back is not a lot of fun.


Cole said...

If this is code for something else, I NEVER want to know! GiggleS!

Household6 said...

Uh no you crazy nut. I just hate shoveling snow. He hates it too but I give him the sad puppydog face and get to go inside after a while.