Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Moonbat to protest at LRMC

Yeah you read correctly, Cindy Sheehan has decided to protest on March 11th at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany. This is just disgusting. I think the Code Pink crap at WRMC wasn't any better and now this.

LRMC is the first place they go usually to stabilize a soldier and either finish treatment there or send them on to the states. This is also the main place that most dependents get care as well. It really makes my blood boil that she's got the nerve to come over here (she's being sponsored) and will make another spectical out of herself.

I plan on being there in counter protest with or without the permit. Who wants to join me?

Soldier's Angels Germany has helped me get the word out.
IWT has also gotten the word out.
The MudvilleGazette has this to say.
The Free Repubic too.

UPDATE: Sadly I can't organize a protest because of work. I can still be there and of course will post any information about meeting times if people "just show up."

I even have a little slogan for my sign to carry "Cindy, support the troops not your ego. Love, a Blue Star Wife"

UPDATE #1: A German Journalist has been working on and should have the permit for folks to counter protest. Appropriately he set that up at the air base. There is no sense to go to the hospital and just cause more angst for the wounded or other patients of the hospital.

Another blogger has told me that she and some spouses are trying to round up a busload to show support. From the sounds of it, they probably will get a busload. Yeah them!


MaryAnn said...

We're with you, Hh6. Also just posted on our blog.

Cole said...

If I had the money, I would fly to Germany...not just to see you, but to protest against this woman!


Andi said...

Love the new look. I'm glad you're going to go counter the lunacy. Keep us posted. Wish I were there with you.

Lauren said...

Wow, I thought I was at the wrong place at first...great new look!
Thanks for getting the word out...I'm going to tell as many of the wives here as I can and see if we can't get a group here to go. I'll let you know if I have any success.

MaryAnn said...

I've been in touch with a few people and it looks like we will get something together. Working on permits, etc. now. I'll keep you posted, Hh6.

Homefront Six said...

Damn. Wish I could be there. I'll be there in spirit!

- hfs

julie anna said...

What the hell is she thinking?? I wish I was there, I'd definately be in her face...I mean, I'd be there to counter protest.

The Liberal Avenger said...

For a bunch of self-professed tough people, you soldiers and soldiers' wives seem to be pretty easily "disgusted."

Homefront Six said...

tla ~ who says you can't be tough if you're easily disgusted?

And the fact that this woman wants to see LRMC shut down, thereby further endangering soldiers' lives ISN"T digusting? I think it is.

- hfs

musiclover929 said...

I wish I could afford to fly over there to protest. I was stationed at LRMC 20 yrs ago and my job was to make arrangements for medical flights out of Ramstein. I can't believe she has the gall to do this.

Cate said...

I can't tell you how much I wish I could be there to join in the counterprotest. This woman is a disgrace and her decision to picket outside of Landstuhl is deplorable. She's an embarrassment to women and mothers everywhere! Would she be protesting out front if Casey were inside being reassembled after an IED explosion? These soldiers deserve to heal and recover in peace. Has she no shame?

David M said...

I wish I could be there to show her how much she is NOT loved by the troops. I'll be adding this to my blog to help get the word out.

Household6 said...

Liberal Avenger,
I never said I was tough, but I agree with HFS that toughness isn't a sign of how easily a person is disgusted.

Cindy isn't coming to Germany to support troops, she won't actually bring clothing, homemade treats etc, what she will bring are protest chants of how horrible they are. She has become a pawn and is being used by the media as well as some of the more zealot groups out there. She's getting a free trip to Europe out of all of this, a book deal and who knows what else.

I would have more respect for her if she went to the UN, the EU, Berlin and Paris and made her speeches about how she thinks the war is wrong instead of standing in front of a hospital where the ill (in LRMC's case even little children) and shout protest chants.

Let her make her speeches, let her have her say all over Europe, but leave the hosptial alone. I don't agree with her but we each have our right to do so, she just doesn't need to make her point by accosting hospital patients - Who I will add AGAIN include children and spouses not just military wounded.

I won't deny her, her right to free speech, she just needs to be more thoughtfull as a person on where she's making it.

She also needs to walk the walk, this isn't a sign of supporting the troops how could standing outside a hospital of injured soldiers, familiy members and children while shouting protest chants support the troops?


The Liberal Avenger said...

I don't care terribly one way or another about Cindy Sheehan, but I am as opposed to the war as one can get, and I am fairly active in my opposition.

The idea that those of us who oppose the war hate the troops, are anti-soldier or, as you stated above, chant about "how horrible" the troops are is a complete fabrication.

I have no doubt that Cindy Sheehan is being used by anti-war forces for her message. Why can't you recognize that you are being manipulated by pro-war forces, especially when you buy into the idea that anti-war means anti-troop.

I hate the war, hate the Bush Administration, hate the terrorists, hate Osama bin Laden and hate Zarqawi.

I also love your husband the American soldier.

When I am strident about seeing this war end your husband and his fellow soldiers are in my thoughts.

Stop seeing those of us who strongly oppose the war as the enemy. We're not.

The enemy are the forces behind the creation of this war in the first place.

Courtney said...

I am totally with you! My husband is in Iraq & I of course want him out of there but she is taking it way too far. I support you 110%
Please visit my blog & let me know how I can help!!!!

Household6 said...

That's not it TLA. I can see your point, I am not fond of Bush either. I never have been. Never voted for him either. Something in my mind has always said the man is a weasal. Can't place my finger on why but I knew what I felt about him from day one.

What's wrong are those anti war folks who hold up signs that say that they deserve what they got - that them losing an arm, leg or sight was what they deserve to get for joining the military. Those that hold signs they drug out of their closet from Vietnam that call them babykillers - It's those peole I have a problem with.

Cindy I feel is one of those types of anti war protestors. She's the one that would stand there and poke a stick into the open wound of a soldier while smiling at the camera - all in the name of support the troops.

Please oppose the war, that's fine that's your right to free speech. Just don't do it at the expense of demoralizing the troops and then claim you are there to support them. That's what Cindy is doing and its a falsehood a nasty one too.

My eyes are open. War is not pretty, its not kind and no matter how hard a person tries it does not always discriminate between the innocent and the enemy. Would life be any better with Sadaam still in power? Would it be alright that his sons were still able to "demand" a girl, deflower her and throw her back on the streets? Did you know that is a death sentence in their culture? Virginity is extremely important yet his sons didn't care about their own culture and religion just their own selfish lust. Would torture, and missing relatives be better? It may not have been perfect how that nation was overturned but you can't honestly tell me that it was better fearing for your life on a daily basis - at least now they can start to learn how to read, how to build how to do many things they would have never known with Sadaam in power.

Afghanistan is a little farther along than Iraq, and I can honestly see the good that the US and other ally nations have done. Our efforts to help are not in vain.

My husband's old unit helped to build the first and largest paved road there. This nation is 99% illiterate and now both men and woman can attend school to learn to read. There are women business owners now, music has been allowed where it was previously outlawed and they are learning how to take care of themselves. It won't be fixed overnight and will probably take 20 years before they are self sufficient.

So Iraq will get there, it will take time. How much better would we be if we as a nation just packed up and left? We would be quitters, we would be nothing but shit stirrers overturning a government to just run away without helping out. Too me that seems much worse to cut and run. We need to finish the job.


Sandra said...

I'm SO with you on this. It's really disgusting that she would even think of doing something like that.
I'm a military wife and of course like most military families, we know how hard it is for the soldiers and what sacrifices they make.

Do I support war? Of course not, but I DO support the soldiers. It's one thing to make it known that you are opposed to war but it's a totally different thing when you either attack the soldiers directly or anything that is related to them. This makes me sick and I only wish that I was over there, I would be right next to you holding a similar quote on my shirt.