Thursday, March 02, 2006

Dates, Prunes and Raisins

Sorry I was trying to be funny. Get it? Last night we were given the "date" our spouses will be returning home. Of course this is all subject to change as mentioned before by Maj D. Basically once the Rear D gets the okay to release the flight info they will call the spouses and we will make a mass attack on the meeting point to decorate and set up all the goodies.

I plan on making a sign to hold up and want it to be witty and full of smart arse-ness because a smarty arse is so me! Here's what I have, but does anyone have suggestions?

3 Bathroom Fixtures - $50
2 Headlights - $25
1 Kitchen Light Fixture - $40
A Carpet 5 lbs overweight for MPS - $!%&#
Having you home - $ PRICELESS


Rhianna said...

That's cute! I like that idea. :)

Hopefully it will be like our's. Hubby was on the second chaulk. The first chaulk got canceled for 3 days runnin' but Hubby got HOME just when scheduled (minus a few hours delay).

Cole said...

I think you should say: Take me to bed or lose me forever! (PS, I want to make a baby!) He might just run back onto the bus or whatever he comes home on! But that is just me being me!

I am so excited I can't breath! So, I sit in a holding pattern for that moment you tell me he is home again. I hope it is sooner than later my dear friend!

I love you both and can't wait to know you two are together at last, the way it is meant to be!