Friday, February 10, 2006

I want what he's having....

Apparently Maj D has found himself the coffee bar at his interim travel location or has arrived home (okay Germany) and has had a chance to partake in a beer or two. He’s in quite the good humor in his response to my worry about a spouse talking about travel dates on the return of my husband’s unit:

Well, let's clear this up then. It's 34 days from the BOG date which incidentally stands for Big Orange Pumpkin, but it will probably be something more like 23.4 days plus or 1.7 days based on the meteorological algorithm but that has to be converted to Greenwich Mean Time and adjusted for the Borealis effect. Throw in 3.2 days for customs inspections pre-flight briefings and time reserved for the Air Force Pax terminal workers to smile smugly and piss you off then subtract 2.1 days if you happen to have an Air Force O5 or above flying with you on Space A. Of course this doesn't include the mandatory .375 phases of the moon wait at that Purgatory in K'stan and all of this is subject to the whim of the Evil Flight Planning Voo Doo Witch Doctor.

His silly (but much appreciated) response made me just about spit out my coffee which is bad if you deny me my caffeine, but it is a great reminder that yes indeedy my spouse will be home soon. So while Brian is snuggling his wife and kiddos or just his Hefeweizen (until the wife can get there) at the Short’s place, I am making offerings to the gods that the Evil Flight Planning Voo Doo Witch Doctor gets a serious bellyache right around the time my hubby is due to fly; thus, giving up his plans to keep my spouse in purgatory for too long.

Congrats on being so close to home Maj D & continue to fly safe if your travels aren’t complete yet. If your spouse is meeting you in Germany, I would be happy to take the two of you out to dinner & a beer (I think we live pretty close to each other). Godspeed!

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Lauren said...

Evil Flight Planning Voo Doo Witch THAT made me spit my coffee out! ;-)