Thursday, February 09, 2006

Yesterday's MRI

Miss Cole said I was mean for showing pictures instead of talking about my MRI yesterday. Honestly the photos were much more eventful than the test. So here is goes…

A MRI is basically a giant magnet for those that don’t know and the pictures of your internal organs it can take are pretty cool. I have had 4 (now) of these in my lifetime. The first one was not fun for me since I am claustrophobic. I was having (and still do at times) horrid migraines. My doc wanted to check out my melon, but I had to go head first into a little donut looking machine. Not only did they sedate me, but they let my spouse hold my feet while I spent twenty minutes singing songs in my head trying to keep from freaking.

Yesterday’s MRI was just like my first. I tried to get them to stick me in feet first but since they needed a picture of my pelvic region, I had to go head first. I was by myself and couldn’t take a sedative. Thank you so much for the last four years of karate. Yeah, yeah make all the jokes you want but using breathing techniques and running the forms through my mind I didn’t get the chance to have an anxiety attack!

The only good thing out of this was my view. I went into the donut with a civilian tech that was very sweet and keyed in on me asking exactly where the panic button was and used every trick in the book to use soothing terms (but was not a looker). What was even better was ¾ of the way done, I had to come out and get shot up with contrast. I kept my eyes closed the whole time so I couldn’t see how small a space I was in. When I came out for the contrast I had a new tech and man he was a hottie! I didn’t even mind the needle (okay I snorted hard because the stuff stung). I also got to see him again when the test was finished and they unstrapped me from the table. I had some kind of guard that went over my pelvis, I assume to use as a guide for where to aim the scanner.

As I wandered out a soldier in the same lovely gown as I gave a weak, embarrassed smile as we passed each other trying to keep our backs to our respective walls so no one saw our underwear. I had to say something so we both ended up saying good morning to each other. Unfortunately because it was busy I couldn’t ask to see my images, but I did see that they were taking images of that soldier’s melon. Kind of cool to see but of course I got shooed away since it wasn’t my stuff (understandable of course).

So other than running around showing off my underwear, and the reminder that I really miss my husband because the Radiology Tech was looking really hot, I have no answers. See I told you the photos were more interesting than this.


Cole said...

But now we are up to date...not to mention I have a good giggle when I picture your undies! Giggles!

Hugs, glad you made it threw. CA misses you Germany!

Lauren said...

Yep, glad you made it through. My daughter has had two of them (one when she was 5 and one just this past year at 17) and hated both of them. I felt bad because I couldn't be with her the last time. Thanks for the update. :-)