Sunday, February 12, 2006

Dreams of my own

It seems that Sarah and I each bought hoagies from the same place Homer did a few years back. Her dreams have been about war or something surrounding war. Quite pleasantly, I have not been plagued with any dreams of war while my spouse has been away. Thank goodness too, I really could do without them at the moment.

Instead my dreams have been just plain weird which really makes me think that maybe it is something that I am eating right before going to bed at night. All this week, I have been tired. While hubby has been deployed my sleep time has drifted. I usually hit the bed about midnight or so and get up at 0430 for work. This leaves the weekends to stay up until 0200 and get up at 1000 or so. This week my body felt otherwise. I was nodding off on Monday at 2100. So after spending the previous weekend running the satellite through the VCR and running a ton of cables all over hell, I could set the VCR and not miss the shows I was watching. Sadly, I guess this extra time left me time to dream freaky.

Monday night started out with a lucid dream of some kind. I have no idea what, all I know is that I found myself placing my hand on my chest because my heart was pounding. I said to myself "damn they shouldn't do that to people!" I have no idea who "they" were nor what the hell was done.

Later Monday, my second dream had me in the bathroom with a good friend from college. A guy was breaking up with her, she was crying and I knew that the breakup note was taped to the toilet water tank. Funny thing was the guy breaking up with her was a guy I knew in high school. These two have never met and are not each others type. My dream ends at me hugging my crying friend with the open note in her hand.

Tuesday gave me the creepy dream. I was dressed in gym clothes, sitting on the couch of the gym reading the brochure. Their two claim to fames were that they were the first "L" shaped gym. You could stand with your partner back to back and see down to each side of the gym. The second claim to fame was the Cheryl Crow sang there amongst the Nautilus equipment. They had a photo in the brochure, Cheryl with her eyes closed, mouth open in song, hand poised over the guitar strings strumming.

Next thing I know a little girl is talking to me and saying something very medical. I look down and my right knee and left lower thigh are tore up. Just think of the dead but not dead priates in the Pirates of the Carribean. This mess apparently had no effect on me living and didn't bother me a bit either. The dream then switches to a town I grew up next to, I was about to cross the street but instead of pushing the yellow box to change the walk sign, I used a key to open it and pulled out a gym bag and gym clothes. Then I was woken by my alarm clock.

Wednesday's dream was just strange. I was living in the house of my best friend in high school. I apparently needed a bodyguard and this guy looked dead on for my boyfriend in college - Gil. Don't even ask me but some how I knew that it wasn't him, just that it looked like him except taller and older in the eyes. He was mooning over me, following me around the house. When he tried to kiss me, I asked him what the hell did he try that for. His response was that he wanted me to which I replied "So?" I walked away from him and towards my partner who was walking in the door. My darling was Lionel Richie! I woke up hugging my pillow.

Thursday I didn't dream and Friday's I can't remember anymore other than it was just as strange as earlier in the week. Saturday night was game night at the neighbors and the only abuse I had was being beat several times by my neighbors and hurtling insults back at them. I think maybe the Bailey's I drank before bed helped me to have nothing but quiet, forgetable dreams as I didn't remember dreaming about anything today.

Even with all this time sleeping, I have never felft more tired, and drained. It seems I should just go back to the 4 hours a night of sleep if not to stave off having another dream where Lionel Richie is my boyfriend!


Cole said...

I know too much about your brain now! Giggles. I needed a good laugh...some of those gave it to me. Hope you are well. Loving you in CA!

syvanna said...

I have been having dreams of war
and death it has been horrible