Monday, February 06, 2006

There is always one of them no matter where you go

This is so true there is one of them every where you go. At the last VTC this weekend I was running a tad late. I got there with two minutes before my show time. While waiting in the hall another spouse, the FRG Assistant for the unit and I were talking. The spouse asks me with a big grin on her face, “How many days left?” I tell her 43 days. She says “Oh no it’s (blank) days left.” I screw up my face confused, thinking maybe her spouse went in the advanced party. Well its 43 days from the BOG date, I say. Not trying to argue but letting her know where the date came from. Then I get the speech, “Oh well its actually (blank) days because my spouse said they were leaving on the (blank) and then they will be traveling through (Blank) before coming home.” I tried to just let it roll and said “Oh okay well that’s cool.”

You should have seen the FRA’s face. She was livid and I don’t blame her. She properly mentioned that dates will change and then mentioned that the advanced party was more like what she was talking about on dates. The spouse then told her, “Oh no I am not talking about them. In fact they are leaving on (blank) and are set to arrive on (blank).” The FRA when a little pale.

Yes I am a little jealous that her spouse told her the specific dates of when they would be coming home, but then again I know all too well that those dates can change. I know that they could get stuck some where due to aircraft maintenance, weather, etc. I know that he will be home when he is able to be home. I am patiently waiting for that day to arrive and for our life to get back to a little bit of normal so we can screw it all up by getting pregnant.

I also know jealousy aside that they are violating OPSEC, and are putting folks in needless danger. He shouldn’t haven given her a specific date. Email, telephone calls, IMs and VTCs aren’t safe and can be intercepted. Now she may only be saying this information to people within the unit, but still what if she slips? What if it is said while standing in line at Walmart and some terrorist overhears it?

I know people are excited to have their spouses home, I am not the only one that feels this way. We just have to remember (service member included) not to give out so much information that you put people at risk. I wouldn’t intentionally put your spouse at risk by demanding this information and spreading it around and I request that you do the same.


Cole said...

Damn man, it is not like we are talking about spilled milk here. There are people's lives involved here. UGH! This is why I could not be you some days...dumb...just dumb!

Firepower 5 said...

Well, let's clear this up then. It's 34 days from the BOG date which incidentally stands for Big Orange Pumpkin, but it will probably be something more like 23.4 days plus or 1.7 days based on the meteorlogical algorithim but that has to be converted to Greewich Mean Time and adjusted for the Corealis effect. Throw in 3.2 days for customs inspections pre-flight breeifings and time reeserved for the Air Force Pax terminal workers to smile smugly and piss you off then subtract 2.1 days if you happen to have an Air Force O5 or above flying with you on Space A. Of course this doesn't include the madatory .375 phases of the moon wait at that Purgatory in K'stan and all of this is subject to the whim of the Evil Flight Planning Voo Doo Witch Doctor.

It was probably safest that she did know the exact times that we or they are supposed to fly since those are the only times we are virtually guarenteed not to b travelling.

Thanks for all your support over the last year, he'll be there before you know it.

Lauren said...

Lovin' FP5's response! He hit the nail on the head. You know, I'm right there with you, once again. Our guys just left and I'm already starting to hear things such as this. No, not of them coming home, obviously, but of them traveling to their final (or not so know how that goes) destination in Iraq. Last night I went to a 'social gathering' and all the wives were talking about where their husband's were, etc. (now keep in mind, we were told not to expect to hear from them for at least a how are they hearing from their husbands? hmmm) Anyway, one of them asked me where mine was. My response: "I don't know and I want to keep it that way for now." You should have seen the jaws that dropped to the floor. Can't wait to see what rumors develop from that incident! (We'll be in the first stages of divorce by next week, just you wait and see! lol) ;-)