Monday, February 27, 2006

One Step Closer

The hubby moved to temp lodging this weekend! He is one step closer to coming home. I am soo excited that I can't sit still at work today.

On a goofy side note when he called on Sunday he said he had something to confess. He sounded so serious I thought he had cheated on me, or gave away $1,000 to help an Afghani or something. He then tells me, last week he had a chew! A chew, you gave me a minor heartattack for a chew? Dang that scared me to death but was quite happy for it to be such a minor thing. I thanked him for his honesty and told him not to scare me like that again!

One step closer to home! One step closer to home!!!

1 comment:

Cole said...

Don't you just hate when they set you up for something major and it is so minor? Hell, you had a red bull! lol

Hugs and can't wait for him to be home with you!