Wednesday, February 22, 2006

News from the baby front

I called the MRI office earlier this week to see what the turn around time was and found myself pleasantly surprised. It used to be weeks before they could get the films read and sent off to the referral physician, but they now have their read time down to 1 week or less. I was really impressed. The Sgt that answered the phone even checked my record for me after I asked the turn around time. He was a nice man.

My doctor is comfortable with emailing back and forth about my treatment options and pretty much so am I. It's actually nice that you can send a question his way and get an answer a few days later instead of always having to make an appointment or a phone consult. So he has me fairly impressed. Once you finally get him to see you he’s actually nice, competent and interested in your well being. If I had known he existed, we would have tried to have kids a few years ago. I sent out a note that the MRI results should be in his office and that I was calling to make a follow up appointment.

The response back gave me a little bit of a chuckle - I just checked on the results, basically do not find anything consistent with uterine “special-ness” or double uterus, etc. Which has me a bit puzzled. Now what I am saying. I would certainly want to look at the cervix again….

Okay so it’s not great that he can visually find a second hole in my cervix that should not be there but the MRI results don’t show any uterine abnormalities. I was laughing at his use of the word “special-ness” and his informal use of signing his emails now with his initials. I also had to whip out the dictionary to look up his usage of the word “elucidate” (This word kicks booty and I now have a new vocabulary word). I have him puzzled which doesn’t surprise me since my appendix fooled everybody into thinking I had a mass on an ovary but turned out to be a weeping appendicitis. My poor OB/GYN at the time was quite surprised and had to place an urgent call to the on-call internist to remove it for him.

I asked what other options short of exploratory surgery do are there to see what the hell this extra hole is all about. I also told him exactly what and why I am being persistent with my reproductive health due to past and current medical conditions. He recommended an HSG. This is a type of X-ray where they insert a Foley balloon into the cervix, shoot iodine dye into the uterus and watch what happens on a real-time X-ray machine (a fluoroscope, I think). A friend of mine googled this procedure so I would know what to expect.

I don’t know what to expect nor where we would go from there should this test also show nothing is wrong. Maybe I just have a tear in the cervix and it needs to be sewn shut, but hopefully with two tests we can confirm a normal uterus and we can go from there. I am rooting for the normal here. I don’t want abnormal, I want to be plain Jane on this one.

What may sound a little weird though is that this is really interesting to me. If they could put a camera on the man’s glasses like Fear Factor or something, then I could see what he’s looking at and what he’s doing. I spent almost two hours once watching an knee replacement on the medical channel in the states. I was facinated by the fact that someone thought of this, tried it and it works. It also helps that I like to solve puzzles or mysteries and for me this is like a mystery, albeit a biological one but still a mystery. Now you know why I like CSI and keep thinking about going back to school a third time for a forensic science degree.


LorelieLong said...

You want to watch what the doctor sees when he's between your legs? Um, no, thanks, I'll pass. When he (or she, I never can seem to get the same person two years in a row) is down there I prefer to pretend that I'm at the beach. And laying on a sun chair. But then just about the only shows I didn't like on Discovery were the medical ones.

Household6 said...

That makes it sound so gross, but I'm not that pervey. I just mean medical things are interesting, surgeries are something I am facinated by, not viewing my privates perse....great now I sound like a sex feind!

Lauren said...

Nope, you don't. I'm with you on that thought. Things of this nature have always been interesting to me, too. (And, CSI is on my wishlist. Forensic science has always fascinated me!) :-)

Cole said...

Well keep a girl posted! I am sending well wishes to your body every day! But I like that we are freaks together most days!

Homefront Six said...

You're not pervey! Stuff like that fascinates me too. I'm a HUGE fan of the Discovery Network.

Here's hoping that you ARE just a plain Jane with respect to your inner structure!!!

- hfs