Friday, December 02, 2005


I think I am suffering from over compensation syndrome. (AKA OCS) I remember last year watching my friend whose husband was returning from deployment shortly before Christmas going nuts on decorating, presents and goodies. I think she must have bought the largest tree that could possibly fit into the government housing sardine boxes. There was garland, lights and other d├ęcor all over the walls that would put a Whoville Who to shame! Under the tree was no different. They have one child, a girl who of course got her stash of presents for being a kid, but her hubby had a stack that could down Santa’s sleigh. It seems that I am suffering from the same this year.

My spouse should be taking his R&R somewhere around the Christmas time frame. Last night after careful consideration and pulling apart a pallet display at the BX I found a new Christmas tree. It’s one of those pre-lit ones and was really full and tall. I wrestled the tree into the car since it apparently was taller than your average bear and drove home.

I moved our little tree out of the way (yes I bought the bigger tree on a slight whim) and started assembling the new one. The base went up and the first section of the tree quite well. I was really amazed at the spread of the lower branches. I hoist the middle section up, get stopped by the phone and then start to put up the last portion. As I stood on my tippy-toes trying to shove the top portion into the slot, I thought “Crap this is kind tall isn’t it?” I stood back and looked at the partially opened branches at the base and the height of the tree. It won’t fit, not when we get back to the states. The dang thing barely fits now even with the higher German ceilings. So I stand there staring at my Whoville sized tree that bends over slightly at the top because it is just way too big for our house and sigh.

I swore that the tree we had said it was a 6 foot tree, I guess Lowe’s lied? Who knows, all I know is that my current tree is not really 6 foot so the 7 ½ foot tree I bought is too damn tall. I pulled the thing back down, repackaged it and left it by the front door. I will have to return it tonight and find a smaller tree. I hope they have a smaller tree that doesn’t look like an artificial tree. The pickings are slim here in case you didn’t know. I may be forced to take a tree that is not pre-lit which sucks as I was hoping to get out of the whole deal of putting lights all over the tree.

In the meantime the horde of presents my husband will get is stacking up in the corner while I deck out the house and continue my quest for a new tree.

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