Thursday, December 01, 2005

Moonbat can write?

....I thought all she could do was whine?
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Apparently she wrote a book.  This lovely photo of her looking bored as all get up has been seen around the world and she's mad at the caption.  Once again she whined how the caption was taken out of context and that she was really successful at her book signing.

If you really want to see someone (or read that is) who is a positive role model after the loss of a service member (her husband), check out Heidi at Learning To Live. She's not out there chaining herself to the Whitehouse fence, nor is she using the names of other fallen Service Members to push her cause without the families' permission.  Heidi is a strong woman of great character and a uber-cool mom.

I must say that I really do hope her book has poor sales. I know that is just so Un-Christian or Buddihst of me but like Michael Moore, I just can't see her profiting off of me, the military family or the good name of her son.

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Lauren said...

Grrrr! I just really don't like that woman. Heidi, on the other hand, has my highest admiration. I'd love to see her write a book.