Monday, December 05, 2005

Its only temporary

That's what I need to tell myself over and over tomorrow morning during my official performance appraisal session. I know that I am only getting my 2 block because the boss is not fond of me & she knows that it irks that crap out of me. (Yeah for being an over achiever) I know how well I performed, I know that it was much harder than my co-workers of the same category as me. So knowing what I know it must become water off of a ducks back.

After some serious soul searching, I could take it above her and ask that my accomplishments be compared to others on the team. From what I have gathered intel wise, mine outshined everyone else's. Not sure how the senior rater missed that concept but I wasn't there to hear how the boss justified my 2 block. If I make a stink over what is still considered a good grade, I could be burning several bridges and making an enemy of my boss. In the long run, in a small world such as my job, its better to just let it go. I have 6 months left, until I am finished working for her & already have a job pretty much lined up once we get to his new duty station.

On the petty revenge front, I am sure she is expecting a fight. So if I say thank you, take my appraisal and go back to doing the same work I already do WITHOUT making a fuss - that will be a just dessert for her leaving her questioning why I am not fighting it, why I am so calm about it, what am I planning because it couldn't have ended so easily.

It will take the control out of her hands and place them in mine even if I am not doing a damn thing about it - she's a control freak and this will drive her nuts. Besides, I only have 6 months left & these two appraisals fall out of the system in two years. Her opinion really doesn't matter as its only temporary.


h2opolodolly said...

You could always ask the other rater what areas you need to work on improve your performance in the future. This will force them to either take a closer look at your work, or explain why you got that grade.

Household6 said...

I will not be allowed to get near the senior rater. This supervisor is controlling and wants you to push everything through her. She would raise cane if I were to go to the senior rater and ask about improvement. Besides that the senior rater does not know a thing about what I do during the year. The senior rater will only be provided with what my supervisor wants her to know.

Its a big old power trip thing & my supervisor has a Napoleon complex being only 5 ft tall. What ever, like I said its only temporary. I have never been rated below 1 block before except with her so I know that its a personality issue and not a performance one. 6 months left and R&R in the horizon - I'm a happy girl.


Lauren said...

6 months will be here before you know it and you're correct, it is temporary. I think you're right to simply not make a fuss and cause her to wonder, thus leaving her to be frustrated that she isn't controlling you. I just love killing people like her with kindness. It gets to be rather fun to see them have to grit their teeth and eventually smile back because there isn't a valid reason not to. Don't forget her 'nice working for you' pressie when you leave. That'll really piss her off. Of course, make sure it's something you know she'll absolutely hate. ;-)
Hang in there, you're doing the right thing.