Monday, October 03, 2005

Happy Anniversary Darling!

Well it’s been seven years since we tied the knot. It almost seems surreal because as a teenager and young adult the concept of 3 years dating seemed like eternity for me. So seven years married and another 3 dating. I have been with the same person for ten years total and I think that’s great! I love my hubby and I hope he has a great day – I married a great man.

Crybaby Boss

On a crappy note I found out this week that my spouse’s four day pass was cancelled. Someone in his section had to go on emergency leave to take care of his father. I have no issue with that, family is family. What I have issue with is the fact that they are overstaffed in some areas and his boss won’t let someone cover his section for a whopping four days. According to the boss, he doesn’t get a four day pass so why should his subordinates? Let’s not mention though that EVERYONE of the same rank of my spouse got to take their four day pass. This load of crap is coming from the same man who felt my spouse didn’t need to be home while I had foot surgery. Apparently I was supposed to crawl up and down the stairs by myself to get food or drink from the basement. Since my hubby is not one to rock the boat too much I dropped a dime on the Ogre Boss man to – his Wife! Yeah, I played dirty which I don’t like to do but I needed the help in the house – we got 24 hours and he had to go back. Hey boss man – just because you miserable doesn’t mean you need to pass it on to everyone else!

Military Spouse Debate

A friend of mine had put up a letter from a military spouse posted on a Christian Blog. After reading the letter I was quite irritated. I can see where most of her (the spouse) complaints came from (okay I didn’t agree with some but could at least see her side) but about ¾ of the way through she made the generalization that those that join the military aren’t the sharpest crayons in the box. I pretty much took offense to that – I know enlisted and officers that are smart as all get up with or without a degree. So to have someone say that the only reason they join is because they are too stupid to find work elsewhere, really pissed me off.

Her letter basically came across as she was whining and bitching but not doing a damn thing to create a solution herself. It drives me nuts to hear and see folks that can bitch about something but are incapable of coming up with a possible solution themselves. This is like the folks that bitch about our government but are too frickin’ lazy to bother to vote. After writing back and forth via the comments, I’ve come to see that the particular duty station her family is at is the main culprit about the complaints and bad attitude. She has done some things (I would have pushed harder than she did, but that’s me not her), but they apparently haven’t helped to alleviate her troubles.

As for the military being a bunch of half wits, she never really acknowledged my irritation. I am not going to link the discussion only because she suffered a ton of insults, hate mail and most readers found out she had NOT given permission to have her letter posted publicly. So I wish the best for her family and that her next duty station will not be the nightmare of the current.

As for the rest of us half wits, I guess we will meet up on the short bus – LOL!


Sarah said...

I've met some soldiers who are sharp as nails..and others who are dumb as hammers. Same ratio as the general population, I'd guess.


Katy said...

Happy Anniversary!!!;)

Anonymous said...

Check out

VP, U.S. Military Veterans of Columbia University

Homefront Six said...

My first thought was that those who live in glass houses (or she later alluded to) should not throw rocks.

Generalizations are never a good idea :P

CaliValleyGirl said...

Oooh, sorry I missed this! Happy Anniversary- belated!