Monday, September 26, 2005

My own private Idaho

I have had the wonderful opportunity to meet few folks that are all spouses of Chinookers. When ever I read or hear about a Chinook going down I bolt off to their blog to see if there's news. As the saying goes most often no news is the best news. Luckily none of their spouses have been injured this time around. Unfortunately an Active Duty Soldier whose blog I read lost a member of his unit recently. His account of the funeral detail left me in tears.

I sometimes find myself lulled into a sense of security knowing that my spouse is deployed in Afghanistan. The country is more stable, has had more time to work through the difficulties of becoming a new nation and it gives you this false sense that there isn't so much to worry about. Yes, the investigation is still underway and it appears that this was not due to the Chinook being shot down but it still is a reminder that no this is not as safe a place as home. Nor, is it a place where you can sleep at night without some worry that things can go wrong.

This month was a tumultuous month due to the elections and I am sure the unrest will continue through November which is the month of Ramadan the most holy observance of Islam. So hang tough, keep your head down and Godspeed to those whose spouses are still deployed (regardless of location).


HookersGirl said...

I know exactly what you mean with sleeping at night without worry that things can go wrong. I actually talked to some other wives of our unit and they told me that eventhough our hubby's are in Afghanistan, this deployment is worse then last year Iraq. Before they got deployed everyone was more likely " oh well, at least it is not Iraq", but they said that there have been more incidents in the last 6 month than 12 month in Iraq. Oh well, as you said we have to keep our heads up and pray for our heroes downrange! Godspeed!

Chris said...

I don't know how y'all do it. My appreciation goes to all of you.

CaliValleyGirl said...

Yeah...seriously, when my bf told me he was going to Afghanistan and not returning to Iraq, I was relieved. But now I wish he were in Iraq...
However, on the bright side, he says the flying there is more enjoyable. The landscape and different seasons, with snow, etc. make for a more interesting I guess it has that going for it.
Well,'s nice to check up on you too!

Homefront Six said...

The Hooker community is like a second family to me. I cannot imagine anything different, nor would I want to.

Unfortunately, war is war and the location doesn't matter much. It's dangerous no matter where you are. I, too, was in tears when I read the post you mention but it was comforting to know that our loved ones are so well-taken care of by their own.