Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Ring around the rosie....

...Pockets full of posies...ashes...ashes, we all fall down. I have been watching a storm front rise at the workplace. A storm that seems to be turning into one very interesting little game. My boss and I have never really been the "best" of friends for quite a while. I don't really like her management style. When you are willing to talk about your subordinates in a snotty fashion to other subordinates without caring that it might not be a wise idea - that's usually a sign of a questionable manager. If it serves to her benefit, she doesn't care how you go about getting it done as long as you make her look good - sadly this means even if you step all over your own team members.

Recently another officemate and I have been talking to one of the team leads about this cat and mouse game where the favourites get to run amok and the rest of us get held tightly against a very thin line. She didn't believe us at first and then we started point out example after example. She also felt the brunt of it herself on a few occasions and finally admitted that things are not fair as far as treatment of others is concerned.

Then Tuesday hits & all hell breaks loose. I hate to be micromanaged, and the team lead started being quite pesky about my workload and was being insistent on seeing what I had (while I was working on a time sensitive item) I became aggravated and threw the drawer open, thumbing in the direction of the drawer that my work could be found there. I was grouchy but nothing that couldn't be blown off. Later in the day me and the boss had a little meeting of the minds where all we did was clash. I have done something that has made her unable to see anything but my mistakes. I could give birth to the new Messiah for the second coming of Christ and I would still be a dirtbag by her standard.

I am trying to be good but the room atmosphere has changed. All of a sudden I am treated as the idiot, halfwit again and she is the "big boss wannabe." She must keep me at the supervisor/employee distance for what ever stupid reason the boss put in her head. I can see that something of a threatening or fearful nature was shoved into her lap so she's going to cover her butt even if that means sending mine down the river! The team lead straight up told me later in the day that she was getting shafted for not doing her job so now she has to crawl up my butt as a part of her daily duties. Because the little Troll (now dubbed) has to micromanage in order to look good so do the team leads.

Great so now I am dealing with two trolls instead of one, except this one is taller.

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Katy said...

Grumpy ol' trolls!!!!;)