Friday, September 16, 2005


Ya, know I think I really feel like telling certain people to just piss off today. I hate it when people stand there and lie to your face. I just spent all week in a work related class only to find out that there’s no way in hell I am actually going to use it. When I asked about using what I learned I was told “we’ll see.” I am not eight years old here that means “no, hell no. Fu#$ no!” So what a waste of my time. The boss knows when my DEROS is so to tell me I will get my chance later is bullshit – I will have PCS’d before my organization goes through the downsizing. I liked the course and am good at doing the work but will not even get a chance to use it. So what $3,000 went to waste – maybe someone should file fraud, waster and abuse charges for me….

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