Sunday, September 18, 2005

Crank - Not just an illegal substance

Wow, apparently I needed a little rest this weekend. I sounded just a wee bit CRANKY. After reading my Friday comment I pretty much hid out this weekend. Funny I was in a great mood all week. Maybe having to cut my sleeping hours by a 1/3 to go back to my regular job on Friday set me up in a mood. I normally don't take my boss' smart remarks so hard so I was a bit surprised. When every person on the autobahn was an idiot or four letter word, I figured I was cranky and needed to keep my crankiness to myself.

On a good note, I bought a linen schrunk that I've wanted for two years now and promptly broke part of it while trying to get it upstairs. I laughed at myself because it really wasn't anyone's fault. I asked the neighbor to come over since it came apart in 3 pieces. While we were pulling the top portion off the doors came crashing down and split the little lip that goes over the inactive leaf of the door. It's fixable and she's dragging me to a wood repair man in my village on Monday.

Oh well things could be worse right? At least I got enough sleep and quiet this weekend to check the crank a bit.

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Cole said..., with the good, out with the bad...Step away from the ledge girlie!

giggles and hugs.