Sunday, August 07, 2005

Anchorman Passes

I was saddened to hear that Peter Jennings had passed (click title). What I feel really horrid about is that I must have been living under a rock, as I didn't know he had told the public he was ill. Since most of the news I get is from UK television I guess that's how I missed it.

I always enjoyed watching him while growing up. I also enjoyed the pleasant speaking voice he had. It drew your attention without being annoying. He will be missed.


The Girl said...

I felt the same way. I had no idea he had announced he had lung cancer (until I saw CNN play that clip so much over the past 2 days).

It saddens me that the threesome of Brokaw, Jennings & Rather are no more. It really is a chapter of history that has closed forever now.

Cole said...

Barbara Walter's (who I can take or leave) stated that if she knew the name of a guard she was interviewing, Jennings would know his name and the name of his horse! I thought that was a beautiful comment.

In other depressing news, Christopher Reeve's wife was diagnosed with lung cancer today. She has never smoked once in her life. Has this woman not dealt with enough for one life time?

Hugs and smiles,