Friday, August 05, 2005

Rode the short bus did I?

Ever have one of those conversations where you walk away because you are at the point where you will bean the person over the head if you don’t? I was a techno-geek, but not so much anymore. I haven’t been around other geeks for so long that my skills are truly lacking.

Attempting to assist another person on my team with an error message they have while updating a record, I had to go and talk to the IT staff down the hall. Most of the terminology I use is accurate at least when it comes to server lingo, but me and the guy geek got into a debate of semantics over the word “permissions.” Some of the things we do are based on our permissions, some are just things added to people’s accounts separately and somethings are apparently given to us by blowing them from frickin’ computer fairy’s arse.

All I wanted was my question answered, “Has something changed in the last three days that won’t allow us to do this anymore?” Please don’t lecture me on how I am confused and not using the right words, blah, blah, blah. All this extra space wasted with him being an ass and irritating me. I leave rolling the eyes into the back of my head, him getting smart and me responding “well it’s because you are being rude!” I don’t even know what he said after that as I just kept on going. My question was answered, but with this big additional lecture on how I am an idiot halfwit who knows nothing about computers and shouldn’t be allowed to touch one ever again.



Cole said...

Didn't you remember the lecture you techno geeks get under the bleachers? It talks about when you can, insult people...or talk about things they seriously will never understand!

In the new Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, Mike Teeve keeps talking to Willie about techno things...And I just love Willie's reply, "If you don't stop mumbling, I will never understand you...MUMBLER!" Everytime Mike spoke, Willie yells Mumbler! I love it. You should try it.


Household6 said...

Johnny Depp cracks me up Cole! That character is such a freak and makes me laugh. What a nut!!

Katy said...


Chris said...

Hey this sounds like my rant about O'Reilly. Except I used much harsher language :) I know nothing about computers, so I can't comment.