Wednesday, July 13, 2005

You just had to ruin my day didn't you...

And that’s an understatement. Normally receiving a call from the Hubby is a great thing. I miss hearing his voice and enjoy our short conversations once or twice a week. Today though his news was less than pleasant, in fact it sucked. Thank you for ruining a perfectly good day and for making my unit’s Org Day not something I care to attend anymore.

We have been in Germany over five years now, extending for reasons that were beneficial for his career. That’s not a problem we always talk things over and go over the pros and cons of any decision that’s made for our family. We are currently set to hit the states summer 2006, for a grand total of six years in Germany. Unfortunately, he told me today that after his deployment there is a chance we would be extended again until summertime 2007 or face him not taking this school until summertime 2008 and redeploy with a new unit.

He’s set to go to what I call a ‘finishing’ school, but there is a chance that some other folks will have to go to the school before him because they couldn’t go when they were supposed to. It’s all this annoying career progression issue. If he doesn’t go to finishing school next year and we PCS he would now be committed to two years at the that duty station. It used to be only one but I guess since the Army stabilization program came about they’ve made it two (hazarding a guess here). That hurts his chances of getting the required jobs needed in order to be promoted to the next rank, because he can’t hold those jobs until he finishes this school (okay most commands won’t give them to you without the school).

So there are our choices; stay for seven years in Germany and continue NOT having children because of medical reasons/concerns (meaning that the first child probably only child would arrive when I am 37) OR move back to the US, pushing off his career positions where it could possibly mean he doesn’t get promoted the next time around as well as face redeployment within 90 days of moving back to the US.

So that’s how I get to spend the rest of my day - Thinking about this crap instead of finishing my work quickly and going out and enjoying Organizational Day for my office. Just frickin’ peachy dear, thanks a bunch.

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Katy said...

That sucks royally!!!!!