Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Bad blog...bad, bad blog

I blog as a way to vent frustrations. It's my way of looking and going through a situation and seeing it again in my mind. It's a way to let out what I am thinking without causing any real harm. I am anonymous, only my spouse and two other people know who I am. I kept it that way on purpose. It allows me to think and speak freely without causing to many issues. This blog is for me, to help me while I am waiting for my spouse, my "go to" guy to return.

Unfortunately, my venting what I thought and was feeling hurt someone's feelings, because my feelings of hurt and disappointment. Out of respect of their feelings, I removed the aforementioned entry. I still need a place to vent and writing is the best form compared to what I could be doing (drugs, alcohol, destructive behavior, etc). I just need to more cautious in how I word my venting in the future.

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