Monday, June 13, 2005

Super geek and loving it

So I arrive at work today, feeling ill from the cold I've caught, which is exacerbated by the fact that I took a hard hit to a pressure point in my neck in karate recently and I open my email to find some details about the concert this weekend. I nearly covered the flat screen with toffee coffee I was laughing so hard at the geekiness of my friend:
Well, I gotta run for now. I will talk with you later on. Hope you have a wonderful day! Hey, did you see the "New Moon on Monday" it was located right around "Rio" and it caused a lot of "Wild Boys" to run crazy on "Planet Earth" because they were "Hungry Like the Wolf." The antidote for their crazy behavior....spending 1 hour plugged into an "ElectricBarbarella"!

This was really cute and I am sorry but I liked it. I am such a Duranie and a geek. But look at Bill Gates he was a geek and now he just about gets what ever he wants.


Chris said...

Thank you for reading my blog and commenting.

I so admire those Americans who are overseas while at the same time their loved ones are deployed even further away for the sake of our freedoms at home.

Thank you.

Household6 said...

Thanks MJ. Its a very nice thing of you to say.

AKA Miss Stella