Saturday, May 07, 2005

They speak French in France?

Today was another good day for me. I woke up on time, showered, got dressed and was about to head out the door when I see I missed a call. I nearly had a fit when I noticed that the call was from Miss A. Holy crap, I'm thinking that I missed her going into the hospital right then and there (she call at 06:20). So I call back and well the hubby answers the phone. I am slightly taken aback, stutter and then say "hello there, how are you?" He replies and hands the phone off to Miss A. I tell her I was a little freaked that something had happened and I was sorry I didn't have the cell phone by the bed (I might as well move the whole purse or I will lose the phone). It was all good, she just wanted to share her joy of getting a call at 05:30 to pick up the spouse at Rhein-Main. I asked if they needed anything from Cora (The French Walmart) and headed out the door.

This trip was nice, same lady as yesterday's breakfast. She'd never been and I needed the company of another. Yes, I don't need to go 'tinkle' in pairs but I didn't want to drive to Cora over the border in France alone. Knowing me, I'd end up swearing at someone in French and get arrested. So, its probably better she came. I was on a quest in fact to get weed killer. In Germany you need a permit to just about do anything and there's something special you need to get weed killer. Since I didn't feel like dealing with it, I took the advice of an instructor of mine and crossed the border.

When T and I get together it is like two hens, that prattle and cluck at a nearly impossible rate of speed. I feel sorry for any guy in the car with us as we will appear unintelligible. So as we travel over the border she kicks up her heels and says "Look, Ma I'm in France." She then proceeds to tell me about talking to her middle daughter and telling her where she was going that morning. Her daughter couldn't figure out how she could go to Paris in one day and get back in four hours. So mom pulls out the map and shows here where we are going and where Paris is. Her daughter asks, "But mom what language do they speak? You aren't going to France." Mom smiles and says, "Honey, Paris is a city in France and they speak French in France." So the daughter puts on her best French accent and says, "Uhahaha-uhha, zee cat esss on le matt." She then just about lands on the floor in a belly laugh at her wonderful ability to speak French so fluently.

In Cora, I had to search for an ATM. The normal one is broken. We find it and start milling about the store. I find the weed killer and there's two kinds. Now my French consists of swear words, basics about food, drink & toilet and where's the cute guy (thanks Meg!). I have no clue which to buy so I buy one of each. Finally as the hands are full, no overflowing I find a hand basket and dump the cheese, bread, tort and weed killer while we run about some more. We finally leave with some Italian coffee as well (yeah I got a brick of T's) and head on back.

It was so early in the day that I didn't know what to do with myself. So I went out on a quest for little carpet squares for the stairs. The stairs are wooden and the dog gets going too fast sometimes and it gets ugly. She always looks at you like you were the one that did that to her. I went around to a few places and finally found some that were affordable at a place called Hornbach. Hornbach is the Lowe's or HomeDepot of Germany. I couldn't reach them so I found staff that could. I ask for help and tell them - "Ich bin zu klein." I got a giggle out of that remark so hopefully I didn't say I was something other than I am too small. I also found new door matts, and went to the garden center and bought plants. I was a rolling with the purchases.

I took all my treasures home and did a thorough cleaning of the main floor. The dog hair ends up everywhere! I really need to call the maid that Miss A gave me, I am just being lazy about it.

I put the little carpet matts on the stairs and tried to get the dog to use them. She is such a freak of nature sometimes. She will tear down the stairs right down the middle, just as happy as a pig in muck. The nut case carefully walks up the stairs staying to the side of the carpets until she has no where else to go but step on them. What a nut! I swear the dog is insane or just really, really silly.

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