Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Politics, Toilet Paper & Tools

Sounds better than it really is the title I chose. Yesterday I had made my third attempt to contact the highest spouse in the food chain that I could. I am still really bugged about Pile and her quality of service. So much so that I went ahead and when I couldn't get a hold of the woman I wanted to talk to I sent her an email describing the whole thing. I hope that something comes about of this and not just a pat on the head for being the 'loudmouth wife' that folks will try to appease. I played really good politics there, aren't I the good girl?

Last night after work I donned the "Timette the Toolgirl Taylor" hat and started fixing crap around the house. Our townhouse looks really good if you go into our neighbor's house. Ours was and is in need of sprucing up quite a bit. The kitchen needs to be redone, the flooring is soo 1970's with the orange and brown colour scheme and then there is the toilet paper holders.

These things are so old, they must be throwbacks or purchased in East Berlin when the wall was still up. The holders are tiny, and I mean TINY! It doesn't even fit German TP that you can buy on the economy. So in my shopping spree over the weekend I bought new TP holders. My kind neighbor brought over his drill and gave me my destructions. I drilled my own pilot holes and mounted the whole thing by myself. This is actually quite a feat since the walls are tile from floor to ceiling. I could have cracked a tile but using SSG H's good advice drilled into the grout.

I had to laugh a little when he was giving me instructions. You can tell that his wife does not use power tools since he holds up the screw anchors and calls them "these little plastic thingies." I smiled and said, "The screw anchors SSG H, uh okay". I don't think he expected me to know what they are - maybe we could go out to the car and I can show him that thing that looks like an octopus...I mean distributor cap? This is coming from a girl who was stranded in the middle of Washington state (in my college days) with two men standing there like TweedleDee and TweedleDumb while I was the only one under the car with a hammer hitting the starter so I could get the car to a mechanic to replace the starter.

Tonight I am going to use his drill again to hang some prints that we still haven't hung. Our cordless drill can't seem to make pilot holes in the cinder block even with a masonry bit. I really hate that the print of the Flying Tigers has been on the floor for a year. I like SSG H's drill it is a cool toy. So who wants to help me replace our tiny, ity bity flash water heater - any takers?

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