Friday, April 24, 2009

What is up with AOL Trolls?

Seriously, I'd like to know what is up with the trolls on AOL? I read a very cute little puff piece about Michelle Obama taking questions of kids during 'Take your kid to work day.' (link to the article is in the title) It is a puff piece but its about little kids people lets not get crazy, okay?

I mean really, some of the posts that actually contained real words and not IM shorthand or hell just spelled correctly were horrible. There were so many references to how they are nothing but a bunch of socialists and that Bush was better. Some really made nasty comments about Michelle's appearance as well as the normal racist crap including sadly making a comment about how anyone can train a monkey to wear heels. They even called her sasquatch - who cares that she's a tall woman? Really?

I didn't agree with 90% of what Bush did or said his last term and did not vote for him in either election eventhough I am a registered Republican. I may call him a moron and that he made political choices that I truly don't agree with, but geeze some of the anti-Obama comments are just hideous.

Its just a shame that the bashing continues to be like this even after the election. I didn't like the bashing that existed during the campaign season at all. It's that stuff in general that makes it hard for me to vote (I still do because it can make a difference). I've lost a lot of faith in our deomcratic process and the horrid mud slinging like this and just outright rudeness of commentary that's not even relevant to politics makes me want to go back to "my island" if you remember the movie Braveheart where I can be queen and tell people to STFU.

**Okay back to my final I keep procrastinating.**


Bette said...

Sorry to say it's not just AOL -- some of the comments on have stood my hair on end. Disagree with policy all you want -- that's cool -- but having issues with skin color, and dragging them out for folks to see? Ugh.

I have to believe it's the lowest common denominator that actually comment, because I don't want to believe there are still that many racists left in the world.

Kbear and Jman said...

People continue to amaze me.