Friday, April 24, 2009

I should be a laywer

According to the guy with an actual JD and a license I should go back to school yet again for MY JD. Jimmy's nucking futs! I've got one semester left of grad school, there's no going thanks. But, my ability to write extremely well when really pissed off worked like a charm. Tuesday I was informed in writing that I was cleared of the charge and alleged crime at work. (After finals I will take the time to sanatize it and publish it, I'm really proud of it actually.)

I read the first paragraph as it contained the main premsis, stopped reading and started sobbing in the Directors office. Free at last, thank the Lord I'm free at last.

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Kbear and Jman said...

I think you should do more school...of course, I should too, we should just ship our kids off so we have more free time. Yeah, there we go..... oh wait, but I like my kid. and free time........ never mind.