Saturday, March 07, 2009

What a difference

I'm not a parenting genius. I've made mistakes (my kid says the FBomb no thanks to my roof being torn up and me seeing it). But I have noticed that I'm getting better each day and that I'm getting fairly good at observing.

One of my observations today was that Oz was being a little terd more and more throughout the day. He was also a little more on the whiney side. These aren't normal for him. Yes he tortures the dog for what ever unknown reason I can't get worked out yet but towards me he's a very loving and friendly little guy. So being a terd, whiney and hanging out on my lap for more than 20 minutes is a bad sign.

So throughout the day I've been checking his temp. Nothing major, normal mostly with a little spike around 1800 to 99.9 degrees. I just kept pushing the fluids and gave him some Tylenol. Around 1830 while sitting in my lap watchin for the umpteen time a Handy Manny episode and eating grapes Oz proceeds to vomit - everywhere. He got me, himself, his hair, the lazyboy, the turkish carpet, the kitchen floor, the kitchen sink (I put him in the sink while he finished) and the kitchen counter. Grapes the second time around smells horrible...ewwwwie. Of course you know the house keeper came today so everything was clean.

I bite the bullet and strip the boy but he starts freaking in the sink. Half dressed and shivering (mainly from the scare of vomiting) now I drag him upstairs to the bath. He was so happy to see that bathtub. I strip him the rest of the way and plop him into the tub. I strip myself and run to get new clothes for me since I was leaving him more than an arms reach from me in a tub with water. He played for a bit and I wiped him down to get off the stink.

He was a light eater today so eventhough I was so proud that he'd been bottle free for over two weeks now, I handed him a bottle with a Pedialyte and grape juice mix. The grape juice cuts the salty taste. Wouldn't you know that puking was the perfect thing for him? Yeah his temp went down, his head didn't feel warm anymore and he was all about playing. I wish I had paid attention to the signs a bit earlier and maybe I could have stopped feeding him grapes.

Seriously I am done with this deployment. I am frustrated at being home alone with all this good stuff happens to just me. I've got some work issues too that are compounding my feelings of not being able to hack it right now - but they are so messy and personal that I don't want to talk about it.


Kbear and Jman said...

Oh no!!!! I hate it when that happens. I just want you to know you are an amazing mom. Seriously. I never really pick up on Jman's cues until he is PUKING everywhere... then I think OH...... now I understand why he was not doing this and that.......

Married to a Soldier said...

Wow!! You've had a ruff day! I take it his is your first child. Before it's over, you will be able to read your kid(s)like a book! I'm glad he is feeling better. It seemed like something always happened while my soldier was deployed. It never failed. The key is to make a decision or take action and then being able to live with it. Every decision we make as mothers may not always be right because it is a learning process. I do feel your pain. Deployments are hard. I think a lot of people don't realize that the military spouse is serving too! I'm currently writing a book called "Married to a Soldier, But Who Am I?" The book has some tips and ideas on how to deal with life as a military spouse and if there is no opportunity for you then make your own. Check out my blog - I will be posting information for you - the military spouse - Thank you for Serving. Be Stront.

Household6 said...

Thank you for the kind words, this indeed is my first child but not my first deployment. I've noticed that a child really does change everything. I get impatient easier with this deployment than I did B.C. I think because I want the best I can give Oz, I don't go with the flow like I did before. I've been blogging for almost 4 years now starting with the first deployment and I can see a change between the kooky things that happened then versus how annoyed I get with easy things now.

At least I get annoyed with the deployment and not my child. Yeah, his tormenting the dog is seriously annoying but I just keep redirecting and imposing separation of dog and child telling him hiting the dog is "not nice."

Christie said...

I'm like not even a week in and over it lol