Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Progress...on both counts

We are finally past the 33% mark for my donut of misery! Yes, only 66% more to go on this deployment. *Insert Snoopy dance here*

All my blood work is back and it all checked out. I don't have a blood disorder, at least not at the moment. I am supposed to get tested again in 6 months. If it checks out clear, then I shouldn't have to worry. That's good news for me, I can stop worrying about cancer. Yes I know just about everything symptom wise can be tracked back to some form of cancer, but the blood disorder they were concerned about has a risk of morphing into leukemia and you have a 19 month old - it puts the scare to you.

So two counts of good news!

1 comment:

Christie said...

omfg I totally forgot about the donut, I gotta get one again.

It's amazing what I block from memory... lol