Sunday, April 20, 2008

This doesn't last forever right?

I'm a little frustrated so you might see that in this post. No love lost for the boy but could use a vent and maybe some parentle suggestions.

Oz has a new trick, well in general I've noticed his sleep patterns seems to be getting worse and worse. I know he's going through a lot of changes right now and with every milestone he reaches it affect him but this new trick is driving me a bit batty. Oz has decided that its fun to wake around 4 am every day now and play, alternated with little snoozes. Supposedly teething babies do the wake up early thing, or ones going through a growth spurt - either way it sucks. I've been ignoring the play like everyone has said to do and only go to him if he's crying or fussing. But after two weeks of this, I am dog tired. I hear him playing and don't get any good sleep from 4am on.

Some folks have already mentioned turning off the baby monitor, but honestly I don't have the guts to do it. I know we both sleep hard, that's one reason why we chose not to co-sleep - it was a safety issue for us. So I'm afraid that by turning off the monitor I won't hear the play, but I might not hear the cry for me to come and take care of him either.

So basically Oz went from sleeping through the night around 9 weeks to now at 9 months requiring a dream feed at 10pm and wakes up to play at 4am. It he's cutting more teeth I really wish nature would hurry up and cut them already.

And we want a second baby soon? Oh my I believe I have left my mind back in crazytown.


Aaron said...

Another one? Already?

I'm waiting 10 years, minimum.

A Soldier's Wife..... said...

I remember this phase with each of my children and it passes, but maybe turn your monitor down a bit so that the sound of play is not so loud, the crying you would hear. That is how I handled it, once at this age I would turn the monitor down to where I could just hear them in their room awake but if they cried it definitely would stir me. Only you know your sleeping habits, so you'd have to determine if this would work.....but they do grow out of it.....maybe put him to bed a little later.....change up his schedule during the day some anything to remove his waking at the same time...

I feel your pain, and my oldest children are 2 years apart so I the walking dead for a while.....but they grow up too....and we survive it, my youngest is 9.

Household6 said...

Another one? Already?

I'm waiting 10 years, minimum.

Yeah, there's an upcoming deployment and we kinda set a cut off on how late in life we wanted to have kids - so starting some time in June we'd like to start trying again. If it doesnt happen from June until he deploys this winter then, we may apply to adopt or Oz will be an only child.

MQ said...

My first son was a yo yo sleeper for the first year too. It's rough, but it really does pass. Then they'll wake you up 'cause they wet the bed :). It took me five years to get the nerve to have another one!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I feel your pain. I am going through the same thing, though it seems to be passing now. I just finally had to turn OFF the baby monitor, it was the only thing that helped.

You are a brave woman. My husband wants another but I don't think I can ever bring myself to do it again, let alone this soon!

txladi said...

I definately feel your pain, my first three children didn't sleep through the night until they were a year old! However with my last 2 they were great, I did notice though when they got older they did go through the same phase yours is, I turned down the monitor, you will notice that your maternal nature will hear your baby cry no matter what! I think I read somewhere that it is the pitch they cry at or something, but it always woke me. They do outgrow it until they are 3 then the sun wakes them up! Then is starts all over again :)