Thursday, January 03, 2008

Weather or Allergy?

Check out these photos (clickable links)

This was on the 30th, he looked normal with only a few speckles from him constantly rubbing his bib on his face. (he likes to do that, he's playing peekaboo I think)

He's a big ball of eczema - oh joy! Or something - suggestions are welcome

His clothes are washed in Dreft, no dryer sheets since birth.

Since he was a month old we used Aveeno Baby Creamy Wash for dry skin & eczema. As well as Aveeno Creamy lotion for dry skin & eczema.

For a month he's had rice cereal with no reaction.

For about two weeks he's had sweet potatoes with no reaction.

About 5-7 days ago we started squash with no apparent reaction.

About 3 days ago we started carrots.

Monday the spot behind his knee was red again and he had the spots on his arms.

Wednesday night he had spots on his face, forehead, arms, chest and behind both knees. Wednesday night we tried Aveeno Creamy on his chest, Aquaphor butt ointment on his arms & cheeks and the calendula on the backs of his knees. I skipped the Eucerin to try and start cutting out "new" things.

And the photos are from today. We keep his nails pretty trimmed, but I went ahead and clipped them as tight as I could tonight after dinner when he "passed" out. We also gave him an oatmeal bath in luke warm water, patted him dry and slathered him in the lotion we know doesn't cause a reaction - the Aveeno. We also did not feed him any solid food tonight either. He's been out of daycare since the 20th - he's just been with DH during the day. Oh and we dressed him in cotton pants and onsie today and changed him to a cotton sleeper tonight. We also are running a humidifier from 6pm until I go to bed at 9:30 (dont forget we shut his door mostly to keep noise down so we wont run it all night)

We hit the doc tomorrow, hopefully along with the bath and such we can get this fixed.

I will try solids again later, poor guy he wants a frickin' burrito the way he looks at the food we eat and the food in his bowl when we get ready to feed him. He's gonna be mad about not getting any for a week.


Angel said...

lucky you. My son is the same way...HE'S ALLERGIC TO EVERYTHING! All those nice smelly make a woman feel good stuff that we like he's allergic to. We have to wash all his clothes in All free and clear, can't wear perfume, or cologne or smelly deoderant..the doctor gave us an eczema cream for him. I use pampers only diapers, pampers unscented sensitive wipes. I'm hoping he outgrows it.

ABW said...

My son has it bad too. Elidel topped with aquaphor doesn't do to bed. He also has a steroid creme that we use when it flares up. He now sees a dermatologist for it, and they recommend crisco. They said there is nothing in there that can hurt them, and it is the best. The thought of the mess hasn't brought me to try it, but if it flares up again we will. We also use California Baby with no fragrances or anything. Aveeno didn't work well with him.

They also have us use All Free and Clear. Junior actually has had additional problems because of it --some temporary pigmentation stuff, so we lube him up at every diaper change. That boy has the softest skin.

Army Wife said...

We did this....for about 2 1/2 years with son.

I noted A&D oinment worked wonders.

I had to knock down his bathing to every other day or every thrid day with cetaphil soap...

We were lucky and it just went away on its own...

Glad you are headed to the Dr.