Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Thank you all for the insight, comments and ideas. I know the spit up will be around for a while, but when Oz first started, not only did the pain go away (he quit arching his back and screaming about 10 minutes into feedings) but the projectile vomiting stopped too. It could just be a fluke that the projectile vomiting stop but I think the meds may have helped a bit too.

I've been told by a friend that for months 5-7 the spit ups get worse then improve (unless there's a long term issue). We are back on solids here a bit and that does seem to be helping with the spit up. Although the spit up now sometimes contains orage colouing thanks to the sweet potatoes, carrots & squash. *giggle*

Yes we are minions to the evil BLUE clinic. I tried to make Oz's 6 month well baby and since I refuse to use the well baby clinic after me wanting to nail the doc's foot to the floor so I could ask her my questions (she was running late or in a hurry or whatever) I am on the wait list for the blue clinic. I asked why I couldn't go to another clinic for it and was gentlely and teasingly told "oh the good old days." I don't think the appt clerk was thrilled either - no sense in beating her up since it wasn't her doing.

I'm working to get an off post doc. I found one, unfortunately she's not board certified though. She's been praciticing for 20 years and was recommended by the cmdr's wife (she takes her kids there). Her dad was an interist in the area for many years and he recommended this Peds Doc. Right now she's full, but I will keep checking in about twice a month. I will also do a quick interview and find out why she's not board certified. Again my friend (the puke gets worse then better one) mentioned that there could be various reasons for not being board certifiied that have nothing to do with the thought that she can't be certified for doing something seriously naughty.

Anyways, Oz's face is much better and his body spots are just about gone. I figured out that I can use Aquaphor, just not on his face. It seems to irritate his face. I just use the Aveeno on his face instead and the Aquaphor everywhere else. His is a little bumpy still, but his legs and arms are just about completely cleared up. Wooohoo!

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