Saturday, November 17, 2007

Keeping up with the Jones

I know better than to compare Oz to others and for the most part I don't. I am of course a total worry wort and am wondering a few things. He's mostly on par for developmental things he should be doing at this and that age, but he's a little slower on others and I think I could or should be doing more to help out.

Tummy time - Oz hates it, period. He doesn't last more than 5 minutes before pitching a total fit while lying on his tummy. I still put him on his tummy anyways until he pitches that fit, but I noticed because he doesn't get a ton of tummy time he doesn't push up on his arms when he is on his tummy. He pretty much turns his head to the side and squaks at you for putting him there. I know tummy time helps with head stabilization. What other things I can do for him besides tummy time to help him work on holding his head up? Oh and if he still hates tummy time and doesn't push up with his arms will he not learn to crawl?

Rolling over - Does swaddling hinder this new baby trick? He still LOVES being swaddled. He smiles, yawns and coo's as soon as he's on the ground on top of the swaddle blanket. Not more than 1 minute after wrapping him he snuggles in your arms and falls asleep. So I really don't want to stop swaddling him but can it keep him from learning to roll over? Or slow that down?

He's still weird about his toys. He loves fabric things but not plastic ones. Stuffed toys, his clothes, his bib and my hair are his favourite things to grab, but plastic toys he will take for a moment and then let them go. Do I care or is this just a preference of his?

He is very articulate though. He has a large vocabulary of sounds and talks to me often. He looks in the direction you are talking if you aren't in his line of sight (He doesn't turn when you call him by name though and we all constantly use his name in just about every sentence). Also when sitting in his bouncey chair he leans forward like he's trying to sit up on his own. He also loves to be facing out when you hold him so he can look at things.

So he's getting there on some things but I am hoping there is more I can do to help him improve on those things he's not so good at yet.


Aaron said...

He sounds fine to me. They really will do things all of a sudden, when they're ready.

Army Wife said...

swaddle away, it will not hinder growth!

Anonymous said...

like the first commenter said - he will do it when he's ready. My som went through the same thing with "tummy time" he still doesn't like it all that much but he learned to push up with his arms. Try a boppy pillow (put his arms on it when you put him on his tummy).

keri said...

Hi - I bet on the toys its a texture thing - He might not like the feel of the plastic toys yet & the tohers feel so soft. Maybe thats more fun for him right now.

Also, both my girls detested tummy time.

Aaron said...

One more thing: maybe you don't want to be in such a hurry with the tummy time. We had trouble encouraging Cole. Now, during diaper changes all he wants to do is flip over... Argh!

LorelieLong said...

So I'm probably way behind on this, but if you're stil having problems with tummy time? Let him have tummy time laying on your chest. Just bracket him side to side with your hands, for balance. Helps with the head control. And as for pushing up with his arms, a lot of babies scoot first, or even go straight from scooting to pulling up without even stopping at what we think of as crawling.