Thursday, September 06, 2007

Waiting on 6

I've said that a ton these last few weeks. I was waiting on Oz reaching 6 weeks old in the hopes that what all the baby books said were true - it gets easier from here on out. It varies from day to day (yesterday was a bad day) but yes it's true things in general do get easier. In fact last night Oz slept from 2300-0330. That's the best sleep I have ever gotten!

So happy 6 weeks of life little Oz!

Life is so rough!

Too cool for school peoples!

My six week old little man!


Mama Luxe said...

Hmmm...I had heard it peaks at 6 weeks and then gets better at 3-4 months' (which was true for us).

Hope he's precocious!

He's certainly precious!

K and J said...


Tracy said...

Six weeks was definitely the turn around for my colicky one. All of a sudden his tummy was fine and life was much easier!!

I hope that happens for you!!

Cole said...

Ok, I have the worlds cutest nephew!!! I want to get in the car and drive to see him right now! Congrats on 6 weeks! He is so darn handsome! Hugs to you three!

Aaron said...

He looks so big already!

Six weeks was the about time when Kelly was hospitalized for mastitis. Officially that was the diagnosis, anyway. She was actually hospitalized because her OB ignored her until things got serious and we demanded to be seen.

After three days in the hospital with her on an IV, me on the couch, a six week old, and trips home to let the dog out, everything seemed a lot easier when we got home. Of course, we had a different perspective on things by then.

On another note, I agree with the 3-4 month assessment. That's really the time when I looked back and thought we'd made it through the roughest part.

Army Wife said...

those sockies are adorable....

welcome to the World of diarist.

You keep apologizing for bloggin about what is going on in your current life.

I promise you will be glad you have blogged it..